How to choose and fit shotgun under him

Today we decided to review shotguns, as well as to answer some questions for newcomers to the field of hunting. Let’s just consider some of the characteristics of the shotgun, which actually is not so difficult to determine, and most importantly, for the solution of these tasks requires a lot of experience in the field of hunting. Guns differ from each other by prekladatelu, these characteristics, in General, are subjective, since they have full communication with the physical data of the hunter, as well as complaisance, which is determined by objective characteristics, since these parameters can only refer to a specific weapon.

During the shooting you may find that these two parameters are inseparable and uniformly affect the success of the hunt. If the gun is correct, and it fits prekladatelu, then the hunter without any problems defeats the purpose, if the gun posadiste, then the hunter when shooting will not be tired. In principle there should be no questions as everything is visually clear. In order to quickly determine posadistas weapons simply weigh. You should first weigh the barrels with the forearm, as well as the Shoe box will then have to measure the box and then once it becomes clear pricedata weapons or not.

Posadistas gun can determine the location of the center of gravity and weight distribution along its length, after which the digits necessary to Express the coefficients of posadistas and overall weight balance. Even if the weapon with the outer parts to each other will be identical, the calculation of weights the overall results can be quite different. You need to remember that they are absolutely not exhaustive, but can give you an idea of the gun.

Methods of definition is actually not so much, but they have long been known, and at the time they were used by almost all novice hunters. Today, you may notice that appeared on the market quite a large variety of products and if, for example, take self-loading or magazine guns, to many, the notion of «balance» at all to apply, does not work. However, you will be able to use them only during the selection it is necessary to determine the initial evaluation, and only then make your final choice.

The center of gravity you will be able to quickly find, for this you will need to completely assemble your weapon, and then put it on the pencil (this method was recommended to us by another great-grandparents). Next you need to measure the distance from the cut trunks to the end reference edge of the pencil. Most often, the plants produce a smoothbore shotgun with a standard center of gravity, which can be located at a distance of 4-8 inches from the breech of the cut trunks. Extensive experience of professional hunters and bench shooters was able to prove that the center of gravity must be no more than 5-6 centimeters, more precisely we can say in close proximity to the transverse axis or hinge bolts, which swing the barrels in the opening and closing of arms. If so, then such type of weapon can be attributed to pasadita and balance. To shoot this gun you will be comfortable in different places, for example, it can be a field or forest.

Each gun of the centre of gravity is the most important characteristic, so pay attention to this option in the first place, otherwise you will need to change it, but it’s just not possible without complicated alterations, so be careful.

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