How to choose an air rifle for hunting

Today we decided to talk about how to choose the right BB gun for hunting, although many hunters do not even know that air rifle can make hunting. To date, there is existing Federal law in particular regard to the weapons, as well as its several regulations, which stipulate all the necessary items that specify the implementation of the pneumatic weapon, and also identified three special categories. As you could already understand, for these categories is the classification of weapons, but today more attention we’ll get to the third category, as it will be of interest to many hunters. Under the third category refers to a BB gun with a certain muzzle energy, which can reach seven to twenty five joules. In the Legislation of the Russian Federation specified the point that this pneumatic gun can be directly attributed to hunting weapons. It is necessary to mention that recently there were only two air rifles, which can be attributed to hunting weapons, but rather is a model Mr-512 MB and Mr-513m.

In 2002, the manufacturer of airguns under the name of Umarex-MV have proved ourselves as the company began to pay more attention to only the powerful airguns, and accordingly, foreign trade produced a gun, which can be recharged «on the air», so after a while and began to establish new laws in the legislation.

In no case should not be confused rifle SSR with a special compressor systems in which only one shot is able to blow a full charge of the prepared compressed air. Such a weapon may get up to a charge using a special compressor, it can also be a mechanical pump or a cylinder which contains compressed air. As you can imagine, using this feature and the charge SSR. The pressure may be in the so-called tank rifles could easily reach three hundred atmospheres or even more. Accordingly, here, we can confidently say that the dosage of air in the system produces a set of precision valve device, which is actually very difficult. The system we have just quoted you above, can provide production of about fifty shots, the initial and the final shot does not lose its speed. This type of air rifle can be safely attributed to repeating rifles, so both of them you will be able to shoot at once.

Usually you can immediately determine the time that most mechanical air rifles immediately, developers are not provided with sights, and in most cases, using special scopes, which have a multiple increase. Such air guns can be used by hunters, at a distance of fifty meters, and also is significantly high accuracy in the shot, accordingly here it is possible to determine the time that the shots were most often conducted on small-bore targets with a direct hit. The British often go on hunting small game, and often it becomes a bird, respectively, given air guns was simply an indispensable attribute. When in England, the birds wild bird, then the manufacturers of hunting weapons immediately began to reflect on the development of new weapons.

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