How to choose a winter bait

With the onset of cold weather more and more people wait for the freezing of rivers and lakes, to travel to winter fishing. This unique species compared to fishing in other times of the year. Used other tactics of luring the prey, changing supplies, fishing rods, course fishing rods, talk about them.

Fishing on mormyshka

Popularity among Amateurs and professionals got this kind of fishing, as fishing on mormyshka. There are 3 types of rods:

1.“filly», she has no coil and has a simple design;

2. the»classic»that has a coil;

3. «balalaika», a handle of a fishing rod and reel one.

Anglers athletes use design «balalaika». It has a small weight that allows you to «play» the bait very lively with less effort in comparison with other types of fishing rods and this is a very important factor, because the competition can last for more than one hour. In sports there is no alternative, therefore all athletes, without exception, choose a motor tool. But this rod has its drawbacks. It is not suitable for those who like to fish hours long. For this and invented the fishing rod, which has in its design a handle length of 10 cm, has the legs for mounting over the hole. If all the components of such a tool is chosen correctly, it is virtually inferior design «balalaika» on the efficiency of fishing.

The third type, though simple in its design, but has advantages. «Filly» due to its simplicity allows the fisherman to quickly navigate from hole to hole, due to the fact that is has a coil reel which is very useful when the storm is raging.


Another type of fishing in the winter time is winter jigging. This form is designed for catching predatory fish, bait is bait, weights and float, this rod provides. Fishing rod for winter fishing consists of fishing rods, usually no more than 1.2 meters, reels and line and lures. The spinner can be fastened as a unit or with the rings, this will significantly simplify the work of changing gear. Winter fishing rod, you need to choose according to the criteria of lightness, strength and elasticity. Lightness reduces fatigue of the fisherman, the strength gives you the ability to fight with a large predator, the elasticity allows not to break during cutting. Rods are solid, and consisting of two parts. Two-piece design is more convenient to carry, thanks to halved size. The difficulty of fishing in the winter is the passivity of the fish to feed search, but the more passive predator fighting for its life, allowing you to choose a smaller diameter line. For small production line suitable thickness not more than 0.15 mm, for larger fish it should be in the range of 0.25-0.30 mm. fishing Line is wound on a spool, which is designed for convenience, the more its diameter, the easier it will be winding up and unwinding the fishing line.

The float fishing

The last variety of fishing is float fishing. It is an individual kind, you may be a big fan of this image, but also can give up on winter fishing in General. With this method of production is carp, roach, bream. You can use the «filly», the rod with the coil, also can be used «balalaika». Fishing line this fishing rod needs to be fresh and durable, to ensure success in the cutting. Float can be used at your discretion, the important thing is that he clearly recorded the bite. There are three snap-in float fishing rods.

The first implies a sinking of the float (is achieved by increasing the weight loaded on 10-20% more than the capacity of the float), the bait should lie on the bottom or touch the edge of the bottom, while providing the absolute stillness of the lure.

The second use for fishing in rivers that have current, but can be used in stagnant waters. The float is shipped on a slow sinking under the weight of sinkers. Over the cargo, which sinks to the bottom, install mobile leash with metal stupor (stupor must be less than the lift of the float). This method allows you to start fishing from the bottom and continue on the height that you install a stupor.

The third way-almost a summer bait, but small in size. Such a method is selected when thaws and during the last weeks of the ice. In this method, the error exists when a fisherman is trying to catch the bottom, but enough to raise the lure higher and you can succeed. Equipment float rods are fine hooks and small lures.

Fishing is quite an individual activity, there is no strict rules, but only common notion, which contribute to the achievement of successful results. So it is necessary to try, experiment, observe. Using these qualities, you will definitely find your own unique way and succeed.

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