How to choose a tent for hunting and fishing

How to choose a tent for hunting and fishing

Experienced fishermen and hunters know the time, waiting for fish or beast have to spend a lot of time. And spend your nights in the wild outdoors can be not only comfortable, but in some cases even dangerous for your health. Those who are crazy about fishing, hunting or camping, you cannot do without such accessories as the tent. It is a refuge from the weather temporary adversity of the type that can be a real home, which is located outdoors. However, a comfortable and useful pastime in the tent can be ensured only if the serious and competent approach to her choice.

In modern specialized shops offer a huge range of products with an unlimited value. To date, there are several basic varieties of tents. Tents for fishing and hunting, and summer and winter tents.

Tents for fishing

How to choose a tent for hunting and fishing

Tents for fishing can be a winter and summer type. The use of these products in a variety of conditions, carries its own requirements to their design and other characteristics. Lovers to fish alone perfect single tent. There are many designs of these products, however, ideal for summer fishing can be called design in the form of a hemisphere which has excellent resistance to wind and a fairly compact size when folded. Conventional double layer tent for fishing has an outer waterproof layer and inner mesh layer, which provides the opportunity for condensate drainage. The level of water resistance of an awning is indicated in mm Hg. The best indicator is 2500 mm. Such performance in water will not give the tent to get wet even in heavy rain.

All specifications of tent is perfect for use in summer fishing. In order to provide optimal and comfort conditions for winter fishing it is necessary to choose a product with completely different characteristics. Fans of winter fishing probably know that sometimes the approach of bream or roach the groundbait in winter you can wait for hours, and the wind and snow may not provide opportunities to do this in the open air. Most of the models of tents for winter fishing has no bottom and provides the ability to fish inside. The design of the tent should be made of windproof and waterproof material. Product must have dural arc. This is because under the influence of low temperatures, the fiberglass becomes brittle and may not withstand strong wind gusts. In addition, the design of the tent must have a snow skirt that will protect it from falling snow inside.

Tent for hunting

How to choose a tent for hunting and fishing

For the hunting lovers, it is also difficult to do without such accessories as the tent. When choosing a tent for hunting, it is first necessary to determine the conditions in which it is used. Hunting, as a rule, the activity of the collective and if it is expected that the tent will be more than three people, it is best to opt for a design type tent. This option is free to accommodate a few people.

Hunting tents must be sealed and not blown, but it is mandatory to have the vent valves. The best option may be to call the use of frame construction with metal arcs. Setting the tent up should not take too much time and be available even for one person. The modern market of accessories for hunting and fishing offers lovers of these classes the automatic models, which are quite often chosen by hunters and fishermen. This tent will be perfect for summer, but for winter hunting is better to use the frame option. Perhaps the installation of the frame structure will take a little more time, but its stability under the influence of rain and wind justifies it. Some models of winter tents are made from hardy materials that provide the possibility to sleep in them even without the use of special sleeping bags.

The last criterion that is significant can be called the weight of the tent. It is known that in the campaign each kilogram is sometimes crucial, and therefore the lighter the tent, the more other useful things you can take with you. If You took the decision very seriously approach to the selection of tents for fishing and hunting, it is best to trust the manufacturer, which has already been able to establish itself in this market.

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