How to choose a suitable Wobbler?

Currently there is a huge number of manufacturers of lures for spinning. And some of the popular lures of course there are cranks, variations of which as a huge variety. From all this diversity it is often very difficult to choose a suitable. Therefore, this article will tell you about the different types of cranks and what specific conditions it is necessary to use certain types of them, because it will depend on the haul.

Most anglers buy the lures, do not hesitate even for any specific conditions they fit. For example, take a Wobbler for Zander and that’s all. But here we must consider not only specifically fish, the catch of which is provided, but also for the depth of the reservoir, the presence of underwater obstacles, the weather and even the time of year.

There are many companies producing lures: Rapala, Duel, Rebel, Daiwa and many others. On packages with these producers, you can often find words such as Shad or Minnow. This kind of bait can resemble a tadpole in the front is the blade itself is wider than the tail. This lure behaves nervously in a narrow corridor. This lure is well behaved on the course.

If we consider the example of fishing on deep river, where a fairly strong current and the fish are concentrated at the bottom, it is sinking lures such as the Rapala brand are suitable for these conditions, despite the fact that, sinking wobblers less hectic than floating.

The lure of the brand Shad is a sinking or floating. Floating crankbaits are best suited for fishing in still water, and sinking on the contrary, the best fit in the draft. There are instances in which not only the blades in the front, but the center of gravity of the entire lure is shifted to the blade. Such a bait as quickly as possible and reaches the predetermined level, allowing the smallest way to spend time on exploration of the pond. But there is one big minus is the frequent entanglement of the fishing line for a Wobbler due to the shifted center of gravity. This model lure well suited for deep areas where bottom topography is flat. If the bottom topography is quite solid, it is better to use a Wobbler with sufficient, to some extent flat body, and Vice versa if the bottom is muddy and uneven, even, body should be broader was observed to rebound from the bottom.

Bait Minnow of the brand are characterized by their form in the stick, kind of bleak. This kind of lures of different variety of their game in the water, when they are carried out. Floating model crankbaits are distinguished by its spade, or rather its form. If this shovel is small, then Wobbler would be like to shiver, conversely, if the blade is wide, the lure will move in a wider range. Such lures best fishing on the algae, or in shallow areas with depth less than 2 metres.

Bait-type Minnow looks very similar to a living fish and is most suitable for calm water. For this bait just gets up and ceases to play the functions of the crank. For such lures need a little speed and the time when the bait will fall into place. However, the lure of the curved forms do not have this drawback, they are very invertive and can achieve incredible acceleration.

The most popular suspender. Suspender is the cranks, which, due to the balanced quantity of the cargo can very slowly sink or float to the surface, that gives this lure a special uniqueness. But when you buy determine the quality of impossible, so this could be checked only empirically. M most of the choirs in the Bush, where there is a small clean algae from the surface of the water. It is in this place and thrown a Wobbler, but with a single jerk can freeze in place.

There are also imitations of various insects, larvae, crustaceans. These imitations are not as popular as other types of lures, but with the help of them you can catch IDE or Chub.

These types of lures is not all that exist. But, apparently, their variety is huge and before you go out fishing need to think hard, what all the same the bait to bring with you!!!

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