How to choose a spinning

When choosing a spinning rod, we must first decide what fish you intend to catch. One thing spinning for pike weighing 10-15 kg, and quite another — on a perch of 0.5-1 kg will have to determine the place of fishing. Length about 2 metres is suitable for most middle Eastern reservoirs. The next and most important feature is test spinning. Let us dwell on it.

There are four classes spinning:

1. Ultra-lightweight and less than 7 grams;

2. Easy — 7-15 grams;

3. Average 15-40 grams;

4. Heavy — more than 40 grams.

The test is measured in grams. It shows the weight of the bait, which can be used with spinning. In some cases, it is indicated in ounces. The test will be done at spinning in the weight range of lures. The lower bound indicates at what minimum weight is still possible to make a quality casting, and the top — weight, in which there is no risk to break the rod. Buying a spinning reel, try to choose well-known firm, because the test will more or less match reality.

The next important characteristic is the system of a spinning. It shows the reaction to mechanical load.

Lad is of three kinds:

1. Fast. Bend only the upper part of the rod;

2. Slow. The rod bends evenly throughout its length;

3. Average. Bent the top half of the rod.

About which system is better, there is a lot of controversy. Here everyone chooses according to personal preferences. Lately, more preference was given to the fast whips. But not necessarily blindly follow the preferences of others. Try and choose your style.

Next stop for the material. The most affordable is the rod made of fiberglass. Different more weight and loose the line. Next are the composite mixture of glass and carbon fibre and then graphite. Graphite can vary greatly in quality depending on the manufacturing technology. So, high modulus graphite allows to obtain high rigidity and low weight of the rod, but worse is keeping a sharp overload.

And the last one. Before you buy a spinning reel, consult with knowledgeable people, read information Internet. This will save you from many surprises.



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