How to choose a sleeping bag and use it

How to choose a sleeping bag and use it

If you decide to go hunting overnight, then first you should think about what facilities you need for a comfortable time. The most important attribute for hunting overnight, there is usually a sleeper. Most of the travelers take with itself tent, sleeping bag, designed for tourism, as well as mats. If you can take all the above items, then you will be able to ensure yourself a comfortable stay, unusual for you.

As a rule, technology is constantly evolving, so the producers always manage to please their customers with a variety of models of sleeping bags, their configurations, and settings may differ greatly from each other, so before you make your final choice, you should decide what model of sleeping bag is more suitable for you. Currently, the price of sleeping bags is acceptable, and every tourist can afford to purchase this essential item for a comfortable stay.

So, as we previously mentioned, sleeping bags there are a large number of species, among themselves they differ not only in appearance but also according to the season. First of all, your task is to pay attention to sleeping bags that are equipped with hood, cocoon or rectangular bag. We have given you only the first criterion of distinction of the sleeping bags, and under the second criterion, they are divided into winter, summer or generic versions – the off-season.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about summer sleeping bags. As you could already understand, they are made of thinner material, it is necessary for the vacationer was not stuffy. Most manufacturers in the material used polyester batting, which folded in several layers. Of course, more heat, people will be able to using pre-season sleeping bag, in which there is several layers of insulation. Pre-season sleeping bags, most often used or autumn, or spring when the weather becomes cool and mysterious.

In winter, the most popular sleeping bags are considered to be three-layered or feather. In such a sleeping bag you can comfortably relax, even when outside temperatures reach minus forty-five degrees. A lot of people now may think that it’s just impossible in practice, but it’s actually true. Choosing a winter sleeping bag, you should treat the choice seriously, as poor quality products will definitely make themselves know, such things don’t last, and soon you will again have to buy a sleeping bag.

Of course, in winter sleeping bags have their drawbacks, and now we present you one of them. After using a winter sleeping bag, you definitely need to dry, as it collects a large amount of condensate, and if we don’t do dry, he then quickly deteriorate and begin to get mildewed from dampness.

Once you found a suitable sleeping bag, your task is to carefully review the labeling. It is in the marking are important details. On the label you will be able to know what is the seasonality designed a sleeping bag, to find out what material it is made and its size and weight.

When I started the first sleeping bag, the filler used normal wool, the end products turned out very heavy and uncomfortable, but thanks to new technologies and materials that sleeping bags are very comfortable and light.

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