How to choose a riflescope for hunting rifle

How to choose a riflescope for hunting rifle

Optical sight is an indispensable item for any hunter that unlike all the other accessories, is a great opportunity to save money. It is very important to have high quality and suitable for hunting optics. It not only will greatly facilitate the process of hunting, but also will help significantly to save money. The more accurate shots you can make her the owner, the less ammo will be wasted.

The market of modern optics is quite diverse, and it is possible to find a model of any configuration and cost. With the experts and the guru of hunting claim that to save on this accessory just pointless and if You decide to become the owner of optical sight, be prepared to shell out a tidy sum. Otherwise, the acquisition will not be simple to have absolutely no meaning.

How to choose a riflescope for hunting rifle

Each optical device is a first device for aiming. With scopes that have a special mesh can be quite easy to determine the distance to the target. It is also quite a useful feature, especially for hunters. Quite often, the sights are not only used for its intended purpose, but for regular surveillance of the terrain, acting as alternatives to conventional binoculars.

The selection factors

Choosing a scope for your gun, it is necessary to consider several important factors. First of all, you need to consider such selection factors as a possible firing range, on an animal will go hunting, weapon type, etc. it Should be noted that for use at small distances, the optics will be ineffective, as they will not be able to provide the arrow to the required angle. But when hunting animals with valuable fur, when a very important accuracy, optics will be simply irreplaceable. Moreover, when a shooting use optical sight can be called mandatory, because if a hunter gets into the torso of the beast, its fur will lose its quality and value.

Distance and frequency

Multiplicity is a characteristic which will directly impact on the accuracy of aiming and shooting in General. Magnification optics can be from 2x to 20x and can be AC or DC type. For hunting small game is best to opt for a model 12-15 times. Optics with more power from 15 to 30 times to show higher performance approach, but the field of view of such devices will be much smaller and will be about 1.3-0.5 meters. This suggests that to aim at a target with such a device at a distance of 500-600 meters, but to fire only at stationary targets, while the weapon itself should be fixed very securely. Loss goals can occur at any excess vibration. Thus the accuracy and the end result may affect not only the optics, but the quality of weapon used.

Most versatile for use in hunting, are models with magnification from 6x to 12x. Such indicators will provide the required object brightness. In addition, such expansion will be enough to firing from the middle distance, and have a good distance to browse from 1.4 to 9 metres.

How to choose a riflescope for hunting rifle

There are also certain safety precautions for the use of such devices. These rules say that in the first place the eye should be placed at some distance from the sight. This position will provide the opportunity to avoid possible distortion or reduction in the angle of view. In addition, there is always a risk of injury when a sufficiently strong kickback when fired. Most modern riflescopes are equipped with special rubber inserts that enhance the process of adjustment. Using such models it is possible to squeeze the eye close.

Other options

Very, very important when choosing optics may have other options. For example, the diameter of the entrance pupil will show the aperture optics. And the better the score, the better will be the visibility of the target even in low visibility for shooting. For hunting in twilight the most suitable optics with a large diameter of the entrance pupil. Next, you need to pay attention to the way of tuning optics. There are models whose parameters are only possible with the help of special tools. The way of mounting to the weapon is important. Accurate shooting provided only the most tight fit of the sight to the barrel of the gun. In any case, installation of the sight and its adjustment it is necessary to trust the professionals. Accordingly set once the show is very long time to work properly and not to fail.

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