How to choose a rifle

How to choose a rifle

First where to start when choosing a gun is a gun. The barrel should be of high quality drilling without adhesions, the surface of the barrel must be smooth, without dents and cracks. Inspect the barrel in good light.

The straightness of the barrel of the gun check, the presence of a triangle when viewed in the shade. To do this, the muzzle of the barrel, with the installation of the slice in the area of 7-inches from the eye, between light and shadow, with a smooth rise to the limit, should appear uniform, with straight distinct lines of the triangle. This should be done as with the end of the breech-slice and cut the muzzle, turning to the South, West, East (90° and 180°), to compare the shade with the previous one.

For hunting, pick up the weight of the weapon in the 22-25 times easier for your personal weight, the greater the weight of the weapon, and the shot will be more.

When buying from interests of the long chamber and pick up the appropriate sleeve. To avoid a misfire, the cartridge should not sink more than 0.25 mm. If You use the sleeve shorter length, it may lead to rupture of the barrel.

Preparing for the hunt, test and rigor of the chamber, if it includes only specific casings, only rely on their reserves.

For the selection of the balls need to measure the diameter of the bore and the diameters of the muzzle of the contractions. To bullets fired perfectly, the diameter of the caliber of the ribs shall conform to the bore. The bullet the barrel needs to go side-by-side with the bore.

With regard to the total length of the constriction of the barrel, ideally it -3,7 3,5 cm, right talus and a little thickening.

It is difficult to measure external ballistics, when buying look at the instructions and tables in excess of the flight of bullets in the distance. But there are effective check shooting practice from different distances, you can determine the accuracy, the sharpness, accuracy and consistency.

For successful shooting, it is important to check prekladatelu guns, it has been designed to fit perfectly on your shoulder and fly to look at the target. The severity and posadistas guns should be distributed evenly, it will provide convenience if the target is mobile. Weapons will be easy to manage. But pricediscount you can adjust interchangeable stylename, and it is very convenient when it is cold outside.

For marksmanship, descents rifles should be moderately enhanced, customized trunk (the swing should be) and a strong spring.

So with the selection of a lot of worries, but choosing the correct parameters for yourself and for a specific purpose will achieve a good result and good hunting.

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