How to choose a rifle scope with a scope pilad

Not so long ago in the vastness of Russia, the hunt is a leader among a pleasantly spent leisure time. However, the real fishing is a discipline with its intricacies, the subtleties, which makes it impossible to know her entirely. In order to begin to strive to become a real hunter, you have a lot to learn and be able to correctly choose the necessary gear. The choice of sight for the weapons in that list is one of the first positions. When you select a sight for some, the brand plays an important, sometimes crucial role, and some more meaning to optics did not disappoint in a serious, even crucial moment.

Undoubtedly, optics from well-known global brands are extremely high quality, but it should be noted that not every Russian hunter it reasonable cost. Fortunately, there are now Russian products, which in almost all characteristics not inferior to foreign analogues, but their cost is several orders of magnitude lower. It is on these hunters, who discover rational relation price-quality, targeted product that produces the Vologda optical and mechanical plant. A series of optical sights pilad nature called.

The average rate of growth, large selection of reticles, the probability of their focus, the lighting, the perfection of the lenses, precise proportions is exactly what many hunters want to see in the optical sight.

To date, the scope of this includes:

1.Many famous and popular experienced hunters brands such as P3, 5 × 20( C), r4h32( l), r8h48( l), r8h56( l)

2.The latest range of scopes p4x32m( l), r6h42( l), r10h42f( l), r12h50f( l)

3.Riflescopes with variable magnification pv2-10h48, pv 2-10h52( l), pv 1, 2-6×24

4.Sight hunting night pns-E 2, 5×50.

Quite generous was for hunters in 2012, which was rich in the latest design, with design in nature. The variety of scopes used for hunting, have increased considerably. Each novelty is quite interesting. Such a sight as pns-E 2. 5×50 with lm – prism specialized for aiming at night criteria in natural light and in complete darkness when using IR illumination unit. Landing space provided by the transformation of the pns 2. 5×50 — lm-bus. The sight has damp and dustproof design character variable diaphragm situated in the objective cover, a feature that allows you to adjust the brightness of the aiming mark and diopter sights directly eyepiece, precise device alignment. Besides the chance of installing sight on the weapon location guide on the side.

To other decent and quite interesting novelties include p10x42f( l) and p12x50f( l). Riflescopes equipped with a gadget re-focusing the lens at different distances, which helps to eliminate parallax and illumination is provided to the grid. Both of the sight is made from a single piece of aircraft aluminum and has special o rings for perfect protection from sweat and drops of moisture penetration. These scopes are multipurpose and is able to provide precise aiming at long distances.But the model is quite broad-minded and versatile range of magnifications is considered to be Pv 1, 2-6×24, which makes it more suitable for shooting at small and at small distances. A small increase of 1, 2 is completely for driven hunting at short distances. Recommended for most small rifled guns, including smooth-bore cannons.

Hunters with more experience know for a successful installation of any sight on the gun need to establish close, that is deliberately made in the same undertaking under the sight bracket. The scopes, manufactured by the Vologda plant possess the invaluable privilege as just that generates synchronously with the sights and brackets for a specific weapon.

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