How to choose a reliable flashlight for hunting and fishing

With the end of summer and beginning of autumn comes the time of the competition on the night orienteering in the forest. As a consequence, the question arises as convenient and comfortable lighting night darkness. Many people approach this question is mediocre, but in vain. A good light source is a 100% guarantee of success.

Currently, lovers of night orienteering offers several types of electric lamps. Quite conventionally, they can be divided into four classes:

— Hand-pocket;

— headlamp;

— stationary, very heavy;

— electrodynamic.

Electrodynamic lantern needs no batteries, but for a constant glow requires a constant application of force from its owner. Perhaps this type of lights are well suited to tourists for short-term lighting.

A flashlight requires the constant replacement of batteries, but will provide the owner with a constant glow. A second disadvantage of this type of lighting device, however, as in the dynamic counterpart, is the need to hold it in one hand, you have to take it.

If the athlete or traveler needed to work in both arms, in this situation suitable only a headlamp.

From all of the above it is clear that the best option for an athlete with night orienteering, the tourist or the mountaineer will be a headlamp.

What is a layman of the modern market nalobnik?

First and foremost is the specialized lights Silva with a huge reflector (90 mm), easy fastenings and a heavy battery (attached separately at the back). A lantern provides lighting up to 200 meters. For the ordinary man in the street Silva is a compact model, Sport Man, which provide 75 meters of the beam and 6 hours work from ordinary batteries.

The main competitor is the Swedish firm Silva is a French manufacturer of lamps Petzl. Model ZOOM this firm perfectly illuminates the space 100 meters ahead (with halogen bulb). This lamp weighs only 170 grams and can operate on 4 batteries up to 17 hours. For ordinary tourists, the French proposed a model of Micro gold nalobnik with two batteries for power. Depending on the type of installed lamps, Micro provides from 10(normal) to 80 (halogen) light meters. The third version of the Petzl lights is a DUO, the lamp has two built in lights, conventional or halogen, and provides switching of the light beam from 20 to 100 meters.

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