How to choose a radio for hunting

How to choose a radio for hunting

Hunting is a predominantly male activity and quite challenging the work of a team of participants in this process. Inaccessible places away from people and creature comforts are ideal for hunting. Equipment and ammunition for such places should always be relevant. Walkie talkies have become an integral part of our life, but the modern market for such devices offers us a wide enough range of goods.

Perhaps many expected that with the advent of cellular communication using a device such as the radio will lose its relevance. However, the devices of this group still do not lose their popularity for fishermen, hunters and lovers of active spending their time, who spend a lot of time in these conditions or distant locations, where it is simply not installed communication towers, and life goes on without the various benefits of civilization. The radio provides the possibility of organizing its own network, members of which can become several people. Thus, it is possible to organize offline communication in conditions of modern cities, mountainous or forest areas.

Using such a thing as a walkie talkie, you can perfectly coordinate plans or joint action groups, to carry out joint moving auto transport, better control of the movement of dogs and thus save more strength for the main occupation.

How to choose a radio for hunting

The device is of portable type, designed to provide Autonomous communication, even over long distances, has a working radius of action, which depends on working frequency and power. A very important and characteristic feature of these devices that distinguishes them from the same mobile phone can be called a complete lack of the areas have no connection. The radio will be just an indispensable accessory for hunting, because the radio does not require any financial investment, in addition to the radio.

The selection parameters

When you select the radio, always pay attention to criteria such as the range of possible connections, battery life, power and frequency range, and the weight and quality of the device. One of the key parameters that will affect the ability to use the device, you can call it power. Powerful radio station provides convenient connectivity for the group in the wild. It should be noted that the power device will depend on its dimensions and the specific capacity built-in battery. Optimal power strong the radio has to be at least 6 watts.

Next a parameter, for the compulsory registration it is possible to call the frequency range within which the unit conducts its business. Qualitative characteristics of the range will depend on antenna size. Sufficient length of the antenna device in some cases may even compensate for very low frequency reception. Measures of the frequency, which exceeds the norm, can have a negative impact on the quality of reception and communication. There may affect negative influence of various obstacles, like forests, houses and hills. The optimal frequency measure, which was recognized by specialists, can be called a 430 Hz.

How to choose a radio for hunting

Another important parameter to use and operate the radio is its compatibility with devices of other members of the group, hunters or Rangers. In other words, the device must have the function of quick water to the desired frequency with the surface of the device. This is because in most cases, each member of the group has its operating frequency.

In addition to power and frequency, the best walkie talkie for hunting should have a case and all parts are made of high quality materials, to be protected from moisture, and possible damage to mechanical and other types. This device should be suitable for each kind of hunting, and of course to have the cost match the quality.


Modern devices can work with different broadcasting ranges such as HF, CB, LB, VHF and UHF. Professional hunters usually opt for unlicensed bands, PMR, LPD, FRS, which provide the opportunity to keep in touch even on the long distances in the presence of radios and antennas with compact dimensions.


Because hunting often involves quite busy hands, the radio, complete with headset can be a great way to combine the ability to keep in touch and to have freedom of movement. We all know that, for example, driven hunting always involves the expectation of the beast in the room. At the time of his sudden appearance in the hands of a hunter it must be the gun, but not the radio. It is for these situations was provided by a special headset, which is called a throat microphone.

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