How to choose a pneumatic weapon

A rare man does not have a desire to get out and shoot. A passion for weapons is inherent in man, but to buy it, especially firearms, is a big problem. And not everyone there is a desire and opportunity. In this regard, we rescued the existence of Pneumatics, but what to look for when choosing?

You first need to decide which model You want. In order to understand their preferences, it would be good to borrow from friends or model that You prefer. To hold in your hands, to exploit her, it will help to determine the choice in the future.

If the main selection criteria are the low price and lack of permission stop on the caliber of 4.5 mm. This will save You from headaches in getting permission and will be a good purchase as a starter option. Thinking through the budget, you need to remember about such expenses as gas cans, balls and Darts. If you chose a product made of plastic, you needn’t be embarrassed, remembering someone’s negative in this respect the opinion. In fact, the gun with a plastic butt pretty good. But the plastic impactor should be wary. This product is characterized by its unreliability and fragility, so reinsurance and pay particular attention to examining information on the Internet.

How to choose a pneumatic weapon

Dilemma could be the issue of what to choose: a short-gun or rifle. Think in this case that You need. Rifle, without a doubt, will be more powerful, fire it is possible to conduct the sighting, however, it loses in compactness due to their size. Pistols are what they usually are copies of famous models of weapons. With these trunks, you can try to hunt small animals and birds, but their combat ability is inferior to rifles, and kill, say, one of them will not work. Pistols and revolvers are both singly charged and multiply charged. Velocity first reaches 170 m/s, the second a little weaker – 150 m/sec.

Pneumatics can be of two types: spring-piston and runs on carbon dioxide. The first work on compressed air, have higher accuracy. Weapons, working on carbon dioxide, requires frequent replacement of cartridges.

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