How to choose a place and organize a corporate fishing

Of the many types of exciting active recreation is fishing. Such a vacation! looks tempting and very attractive. Usually people go fishing outside the city, where there is a river or lake with fish, nature, silence and the most important attribute is freshly prepared ear.

This is a very good and interesting event for the team and would definitely recommend to anyone to get involved. It is not only the relaxation for body but also for the soul. Fishing is summer and winter.

Winter fishing is quite specific, and some office workers may not appreciate the charm of fishing. Summer fishing can’t not like the man in love with nature and this kind of rest.

Therefore we offer several options for fishing. Summer is most active sturgeon, catfish and carp. Biting carp begins with the first decade of may and ends in late September.

The choice of gear must match the weight of the fish. The most convenient and effective are the bottom and float fishing rods. As bait you can recommend the white or black bread, worms, maggots, and finally, corn canned goods. The carp are biting in the clear water and picky to the bait.

Also counts the number of fishermen in the fishery. Sturgeon can be caught by the same parameters, and carp. Here it is desirable to have bottom rods, as the sturgeon bite at the bait, which lies at the bottom.

You must take into account the fact that sturgeon live at a depth of not less than 1.5 metres. Therefore, depth is of great importance. Despite the outcome of fishing, it is still interesting.

You can even compete who is caught greater in number, or the biggest fish! Believe me, this gives great interest and excitement. And soon, fishing will become a good tradition for your team.

Place for such entertainment choose only proven fishing spots, fishing camps with a good reputation where biting promises to be successful. After all, fish soup from caught his own fish is much more delicious and tasty so the choice of location for the corporate travelers choose carefully.

Preferably, the base was a great cook, with knowledge of the secret of cooking fish dishes. Then this holiday will be remembered for a long time. Making conclusions, I can safely say that the departure together with the team on such activities as fishing, will not leave indifferent any one person. From this your team will become more cohesive.

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