How to choose a gun for underwater hunting

Classes underwater hunting brings great pleasure and does not require large investments, so every year thousands of people join the ranks of underwater hunters. What is needed for the novice diver?

First and foremost is, of course, the equipment, namely, neoprene suit, mask with snorkel, fins, loads of and, of course, the gun. The gun it is necessary to choose proceeding from conditions of the reservoir proposed hunt.

The large number of algae, snag areas or just a little depth will make it impossible to hunt with a crossbow or other marker gun. For exploring the local waters will be the perfect air gun, thanks to its compactness, wide range of arrows and force of impact.

Air pump suitable for hunting for catfish, bream, carp or carp, the scales which is difficult to break through the crossbow weapon type. However, Pneumatics have their drawbacks. Produced at a depth of over three meters the shot is unlikely to reach the goal, besides fish shy easily away, hearing the loud shot.

And frequent failures of the gun at the wrong time would negate all the fun of spearfishing. The crossbow, in turn, is very convenient for hunting at great depths. Guns of this type are very practical and reliable in operation, have the strength, so break them is difficult.

A huge plus is absolutely silent shot. In no case do not buy cheap or defective gun. Nothing good comes out of this just will not work. The manufacturer must be known, reliable guarantees to their customers. Not be superfluous to examine online reviews or check with your manual before purchasing.

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