How to choose a good knife review knives BeckerKnife&Tool

Today we decided to do a little review BeckerKnife knife&Tool. We will try to reveal their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to make a General conclusion based on our opinions about these products. The manufacturer of these knives is an American company specialized Camillus, which in General can be attributed almost to the first production company that exists for about 130 years.

As we already wrote above, the company produces only a knife and nothing more, in the old days it was almost the main supplier of the US army. Special sub BK&T is very popular to this day, as the products are produced knives that are designed for the most severe or extreme conditions.

Knives BK&T are characterized by their strength and at the same time simplicity, this type of knives can be attributed to the strong type, so as to break it or somehow damage it, will be really extremely difficult. It will be sufficient that the blades of these knives were made of high carbon steel which has a thickness of from 5.3 to 6.3 mm and break it really is not simpler than, for example, to break the suspension spring of the vehicle.

For many experts in the field of hunting and fishing, this product has become legendary, and they are intended only for the toughest jobs, for example, this may be the arrangement of the tents, cutting meat and so on.

Minor work in limited circumstances, as a rule, often run small knife, so the camp than in the hunting field has an intermediate position. Most often professionals with a take folding knives that can solve simple tasks, but moving on to more complex, takes the axe. Camp than in a whole can be considered in both situations, because it is multifunctional and is capable of solving both simple and complex tasks, but rather he can cut and chop.

For one fisherman or hunter to buy three knives, most likely, simply will not work, as it can be attributed to luxury, but the camp than one of the fishermen or hunters still must attend.

Let us now consider the first knife, which received the name «Campanion». In fact, it can be attributed to the middle type in size, its blade is 11.5 inches. I would like to say, that every modification of the knives from this company has different swords, and thus the assignment can vary. Given what perfectly fits in a hand, and he also has a very high performance. This is what knives we wrote that hack it will be extremely difficult.

Blades have special coating that can protect them from corrosion. The handle was made using a plate Assembly, which in principle is the right decision, they proved to be easy grip and very comfortable. Plastic panels are attached to the metal by three special bolts that have mark M6, Unscrew the bolts like you can with the help of the hexagon. Even if you are just beginning to consider given the knives, then once the impression that they are very durable, and the view can be attributed to the solid, no detail seems fragile.

The knives themselves are not light, and also on the handle you will notice the additional holes that are required for the loop of the strap, so the owner will not lose than a possible loss from his hand. Throughout the test the following knives, we were not able to feel any discomfort, the handle just fine held in the hand. I would like to talk a little bit about the price, these knives are expensive, but the quality is consistent with the declared price.

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