How to choose a good knife from a great variety of hunting knives

Every hunter before going, be sure to check your hunting knife. It can be useful in hunting large animals, whether wild boar or deer. But that knife was easy to use, and there was no fatigue, he should come under some criteria. First, the knife must be very sharp, quick and deep penetration into the prey.

Also use the knife, you should cut and how the tree branches and animal bones. Another important criterion is its weight. And of course sturdy steel and easy to handle. Preferably, the arm was not foreign objects and patterns, it will allow you much faster to pull the knife out and strike.

Most knives that you can buy in specialized stores, are produced in Europe, particularly in Germany.

There are knives for different types of animals. For example, more than Hirschfaenger others are designed for hunting deer. This type of knife can reach up to 50 centimetres in length and two to three inches in width. Thickness is estimated to be five to six millimeters. The handle is usually made of antler, ivory or ebony. In rare cases made of mother of pearl. The blade is made from blued steel or white metal.

But knives that are suitable for deer, there are also wild boar knives. They are called Saufaenger. The size of the blades in these knives varies from 23 to 32 inches. Width is four inches and a thickness of a maximum of seven centimeters. The handle is also made from antler.

Usually it is empty, and is placed on a thin rod, which is fastened by means of head, which screws onto the handle. Due to the large use of additional elements in such knives, it’s too big. Not always the hunter will be able to recoup your knife for a hike.

Before going hunting, you should carefully determine what you need. Best in the collection have a knife of medium length, so you can use it for defense if suddenly you are attacked by a bear, also for butchering and chopping bones.

You can customize the size of the knife, and order him or the store, or from the master. One of the most comfortable knives is the one in which the blade is double-edged surface, two dollars (Krovostok) and a stag horn handle.

In fact, wider than the blade, so it will be more acute.

Why do we need these valleys, why reindeer rock? In the first place, the valleys are necessary for hardening of the knife, and in addition they facilitate weight and allow you to more easily enter the body.

The most important part of the blade that the end of it. It is desirable that it was not thin and narrow, as it comes a big load. The handle made of antler is much stronger and more convenient.

It allows you to take any form. But the smooth metal of the handle it is desirable to cover a skin or other fabric that your hand does not slip during impact. When choosing a knife, notice the handle. It must be you by the hand and sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

While you strike, the strength is different. In fact, as such a strike should not be. You pierce the body of prey with a knife, and the blade enters the body slowly and smoothly. Beat should be small, otherwise you may damage or break the tip of a knife.

You can purchase a variety of knives in stores and on the Internet resources. The price range varies. It all depends on the steel quality, production, additional functions. When purchasing, pay attention to what steel the blade is made. And, of course, necessary to inspect and clean the knife so he would be able to help you.

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