How to choose a float?

Float for any angler is an element of the snap rod. Rods currently available, highly specialized, designed for a certain method of fishing. Floats are also becoming increasingly specialized.


Part of the float

Most of the floats consists of three main parts:

— Domes (Antenna);

— The body;


The domes, the indicator poklevki. It was her fisherman sees above the water.

The body attached to the float proper weight specifies the load capacity.

The keel serves to stabilize the float on the water.

The only requirement for the antenna – it should be well visible to the angler. Therefore, if a person has poor eyesight or need to catch on the waves or in the far distance, the top should be thick. In the calm or at close distances it’s better to use floats with a thin antennas.

Shapes and sizes of floats

About the forms and dimensions of the body can be writing the thesis. But, in a nutshell, the heavier more massive the body, the more you can make a throw. Exception – the float to catch a predator live bait. In such floats, the body is always big, heavy, designed to capture the bite of a large fish and ignore the weak action of live bait.

With the keel the story of the simplest. Short keel of the float indicates that the indicator bite is used for fishing in calm water, preferably with complete calm. Long keel suggests that this float is designed for fishing in running water.

In addition to the above, it should be noted that ratites floats or floats with a short keel are good indicators of bites «on the rise».

Remembering ratites floats, don’t forget the floats, which do not have antenna. This is usually ball-shaped floats made of transparent plastic. They have no stake, no antenna and are used to catching cautious fish on the course (e.g., smut).

No antenna floats are mainly used in winter fishing. These bite indicators have a small body. They are clearly visible in the hole and the TV in their construction – the element is not mandatory.

For fishing on long and extremely long distances (match fishing) the British invented a special type of floats called «wager». This float has a long antenna with a thick, brightly colored tip. The body of this indicator takes a massive, heavy. The keel is short. Own weight some models may vary at the wish of the angler.

For fishing at short distances (centrifugal) developed ultralight float with a small body, thin, sensitive antenna. Similar floats can be used in fishing at long range with the use of plug rods.

On floats it is possible to tell long. But the main thing that should remember fishing: «the Float is only an element of the equipment. It depends on many things. But if other items of equipment he is not responsible, then the float will not «work» as necessary». All the elements of the snap needs to reconcile its useful qualities to tackle was efficient.

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