How to choose a fishing rod

How to choose a fishing rod

The correct choice of winter fishing greater extent decides the success of your fishing. Many today do not understand the significance of the selection of rods, preferring the fishing line and hooks. Of course, a lot depends on this. But first and foremost to your success is influenced by correctly selected the rod.

If the mass of the rod is large enough, you will not get pleasure from fishing. Using such a bait, you will soon want to stop fishing, throwing the wrong gear. Therefore, the choice of rods should always be treated competently. Before choosing a rod just need to clarify the amount that you want to buy the rod, then choose the aim of this winter fishing. If you have a choice between the rods 15 300 rubles, of course, better to buy one that expensive. Thus there is the likelihood that this rod has a longer life than cheap, and this rod will not fail and will not break at the bad moment. We all know that the majority of fishing rods today are made in China, so if you see stickers established firms, it is not worth it to pay attention, because you only see the embellishment. But some Chinese rods really are branded and reliable. The material of which such rods – fiberglass. This material has proven itself because of its simplicity of use: it can be water, throw in the sand.

Most often, fiberglass fishing rods have a ceramic ring and a very large katushkoderzhatelem. So if you possess a lot of free time, it is better to bring your fishing rod: install the aluminum oxide ring, to select the most appropriate reel seat, or just simply to attach the coil with electrical tape.

If you are going to catch roach on the lakes, it is better to give preference to four-meter rod. As for luring a trophy to 700 grams, this rod is the best option. If you add bezinertsionnaja coil, you can get the same casting distance as the five-meter rod. If you go to river fishing, you should choose a five-meter rod with a thin tip. Rod with parabolic action is the most appropriate option (the rod is able to bend along its entire length). Such a rod can be easy to get IDE, roach, white bream.

If you go fishing for carp, it is better to buy a five-meter rod with a fat end. Such rods are more durable and will easily allow you to get a respectable trophy.

If you prefer the rod of greater length, then you are going to prepare a blank snap. You should not choose such rods, which contain ring, otherwise you will get not only the rod but also additional problems with the tangling of the line. Besides hands on fishing tired than from the rod without rings.

If you want to shell out the selection of rods, of course, you very happy. First you need to determine the place of fishing, and her appearance. Typically, these rods manufacturers add graphite, which provides ease of rod and despite this extra strength.

Don’t forget about the rings and reel seat. Rings should not contain a variety of chips, bumps. You should pay special attention to the evenness of the rings. The reel seat should be comfortable for your hands. To do this, the index and ring finger are arranged in the area of the coil, and the elbow must be at the butt of the rod.

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