How to choose a fishing rod for carp?

If you are going fishing, but in order to catch carp, are unable to deal with the range of fishing gear? Then this article is for you.


Now in specialized stores there are a large range of good rods for this family of fish. Today, fishing for carp has become very popular among fishermen and Amateurs. So, let’s get to the review of the rod on this fish:

Length and weight

Length of gear of this kind, as is customary, measured in English feet. And should be in our method of measurement of approximately 5 to 6 m. of Course, its dimensions seem to us not small, but in spite of this, you should try once to use it, and you will understand why so many fishermen opt for the same attribute. Rods of this type is very easy to operate. Since fishing requires a lot of time, so will have to keep the rod in your hand long enough, it should be easy. In this case, suitable carbon fiber as the main material of the product.


The stiffness of the rods is a very important indicator, especially for carp fishing. The basis of this tackle you need to choose a hard 2-3 lb is the most suitable option, and its flexible tip thereby it will help to keep the fish in Your direction and give the fish to entangle tackle with reed.

First of all, if you are a mere Amateur in this business, and almost wasn’t on this type of holiday, then take the best of the budget gear, because when you select more expensive equipment can get very expensive, first you need to learn how to use it, because its easy to mess up.

The number of knees

On such tackle usually the two tribes. Due to this design of fishing rods are all available to you on different platforms can be used with the best effect.

Another point that cannot be overlook when buying carp rods. This is the size of the rings and the processing of their inner surface. First ring size of about 50 mm is considered critical.

The process of catching the fish of this family, no doubt, will bring weight of positive emotions, but we should not forget that without spare rods sometimes not enough. Do not be lazy, make a supply of other types of gear, and if fishing with friends the rod broke, it will always be what to replace. Of course, on a simple pole you can catch carp, but not the fact that the catch snaps. Use a more solid rod ensures a good catch.

A successful fishing you friends!

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