How to choose a cartridge for hunting

How to choose a cartridge for hunting

The key to a successful hunt can be called many factors, one of which is certainly accurate shot. And the shot is a weapon and the cartridges, which need to be taken care of in difficult field conditions. This accessory is a bag designed for storage of cartridges, the amount of which depends on the caliber. The bandolier is worn on the belt and provides the hunter with the maximum freedom of the hands and actions. Today, it is believed that this element of hunting gear is a bit outdated and the modern hunters are very easy to replace its various adaptations, pockets and special compartments to vests and even special attachments for example shotguns. However, the cartridges were his lovers, who prefer to use this accessory, going on a hunt.

The need for easy access to cartridges while hunting does not cause absolutely no doubt. This factor may have a decisive influence on the outcome of the event. No matter what, and ammunition for hunting must always be in order. The modern market offers hunters a lot of varieties of such products that are different in design, material and number of rounds. You have to decide which option is the best is not easy, as each hunter selects for themselves the best option and features.


How to choose a cartridge for hunting

Hunting ammunition can be made of various materials, the most popular of which is still considered leather. Leather bandolier can rightly be called a real classic, which has reached our days. Perhaps the cost of this product will be much higher than the value of its counterpart made of canvas or synthetic materials, but it has the potential to last much longer. Competitors of cartridges from leather are products which are made of materials that are still in the manufacture of impregnated with special water-repellent materials. A significant drawback of these products can be called a strength and durability which is greatly inferior to products made from thick leather. Today, the producers offer cartridges, which are used by modern artificial and quality materials. Obvious shortcomings or advantages of such models and therefore, when choosing a hunter can rely solely on your taste.


Design type there are two types of products – open and closed cartridges. The product of the open type cartridges are available. This accessory always has a lighter weight and not so bulky. The advantage of products of this type can be called the cost. For most models, it is always more affordable than the cost of closed options. Products of open type are only a few significant drawbacks – they do not protect the cartridges from water and moisture. In spite of rainy or snowy weather, such a cartridge it is necessary to carefully hide under clothing. It is not very convenient and greatly reduces the functionality of the accessory. In addition, with the active movement in the dense vegetation of the open type cartridge can fall out cartridges.

How to choose a cartridge for hunting

The product is gated to most securely protect ammunition from moisture and water, and not less securely hold them inside cells. The weight and volume of the cartridge type closed more than open option. The cost of such products will be much more. Depending on the size, the cartridges of the closed type can have different sizes from a large shoulder of models, designed for 40-50 bullets in small cartridges or lapel badge type. There is also a kind of special products, which are fastened, for example, which are designed for 8-10 rounds.

Bandolier on the butt could be a universal solution for lovers of fast shooting. Ammo will always be securely locked in cells and are not able to fall out. This product greatly accelerates the recharging process. They can be made of various materials such as neoprene, leather, canvas and the like, but in most cases, the hunters prefer the cartridges for example, made of rubberized fabric with synthetic thread.

Vest bandolier will be at least a convenient accessory for hunting. This product can be purchased in finished form or modify, sew cells for the cartridges themselves. The bandolier strap is a very convenient option, which is a encircling the bag for the ammo. Very often on such a strap to be attached several convenient pockets that provide maximum convenience and functionality of the product.

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