How to choose a blade from titanium steel,tips for a successful purchase

Today you notice that there is a lot of variety of knives, they can be made of high strength steel or of ordinary plastic, which came to us recently. Masters in production continuously find brand new materials that could be used for the production of knives. The pursuit of perfection and something unique, give us the consumers to find something really new and quality. However, it is possible to determine the main point of any material used in manufacturing, may have their pluses and minuses.

For example, can result in steel that is treated against corrosion and contains carbon of not more than 0.65%, but in this type of steel was discovered very poor flexibility and this affects the sharpening, and low wear resistance. Not every owner of the knife there is a desire to constantly sharpen your subject and also do not forget that the more we cut produce, the faster, in General, to wash our knife. Knives are made from 420 steel regularly need to edit and put in proper form. Alternatives to wear can be attributed to the steel with hardness up to HRC 52-56, similar type of samples is not as corrosion resistant so you can determine that each material has its disadvantages and alternative moments.

At first glance it may seem the fight against corrosion is a very simple affair, because you can always handle special chemicals or materials deposition. However, it should be noted that there are nuances, rather than for each type of steel, you can use some chemical means to create corrosion resistance, and therefore if handled correctly, ultimately, the durability of the knife will be significantly reduced. Often professionals applied plastic coating, but as you know, during the operation of the plastic can be scratched, and at blows with hard objects, generally can commence to appear chipped. Carbide coatings immediately think is the best option, but it is not so, because in case of small damage, the blade requires a major overhaul, all the coating will have to be replaced completely.

Today, there are also ceramic knives they are very sharp and light, and they are often used in kitchens and daily delight of Housewives. Knives of this type do have a lot of popularity among other competing variants, but even they have their drawbacks. The disadvantages of course are sharpening, in order to properly conduct it, you must go to a specialized workshop, but usually no one does, and the knives are sharpened right at home, and from improper sharpening, after some time, they can quickly come into disrepair.

The very latest, as we have mentioned earlier, are the knives made of plastic. When making use of totally different types of plastics, so they can have both positive aspects and disadvantages. To make a really high quality knife that will have a great sharpening, the production company will have to incur serious losses, however, such production is very harmful to the environment. Probably even permission from the relevant authorities to simply will not work.

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