How to catch walleye in the winter?

Large walleye in the winter to catch extremely difficult. You just can’t get him out of the hole. Walleye in the winter is not too active fish. Rather, this creature is apathy to everything and overwhelming lethargy. Therefore, very few can boast a trophy catch this instance in the winter.

However, this is not a reason not to try and do to throw the fishing. It is not that there are no walleye in the reservoir. It will not migrate and do not evaporate. The fish just lay dormant. So catching it can also, like other fish. Just need to get used to.

There is a certain strategy when fishing for walleye in the winter, which is often used by experienced anglers, especially if you have a large reservoir. Big fish has a special intelligence. Her inherent curiosity and caution. Zander doesn’t like to leave their hiding places. As a rule, snags or underwater edge at great depths. These features distinguish major captured specimens from young guard, the fishing of which is not easily.

Conditions for catching large animals is pretty simple. The first step is to determine the exact place of residence at a particular time and just book it. However, in the winter to discover such places extremely difficult. Therefore, even in the summer when the water is open, you should visit the site of the future winter fishing and it is good to study it. The perch feature that he both summer and winter located on one and the same place.

In the summer you will be able to sh in this place to verify that pike there all the same.

Walleye fed only at certain times. These watches are the most important for the angler. By this time you should be all set: tackle and bait, and eyes, and hands. To determine the peak time should be at least a day to spend in full combat readiness. If you do not have this possibility, it is better to go hunting an hour before sunrise or after sunset. In an ideal scenario, you will be able to enjoy an active fishing until noon, but most often with the onset of dawn, the biting almost completely stopped. The walleye prefers the darkness, because it is better to fish when the ice is covered with a layer of snow. Also a good bite can be expected in cloudy weather.

In any case, the behaviour of a pike perch not so easy to predict, so if you did not prepare in advance, you should rely only on luck.

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