How to catch trout in winter? Custom tackle, pick up bait.

Trout fishing in the winter

Currently, trout fishing is possible not only in Siberia, but in Central reservoirs of Russia. Now, many owners of private ponds begin to breed the fish instead of the usual carp or silver carp. In this regard, the fishing for this tasty and large fish become more affordable for many anglers. Trout fishing in winter is very popular and will not leave indifferent fans of ice fishing.

The selection of gear

tackle for winter trout

Trout are omnivorous fish, which enables the selection of different tackle and lures. Engaged in fishing from the ice in several ways:

1) on imitation fish;

2) celkovou rod;

3) on the float.

Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the preference of the angler, as well as the characteristics of the reservoir and fishing activity.

Imitation fish

Catch the imitation fish love is not all. This rigging requires virtually no participation of the Fisher in the process and are aimed primarily at achieving results. However, this method of fishing is quite popular and allows fishing seriously expect to catch large individuals.

Trout fishing in winter is normal imitation fish designed for walleye or pike. The only thing that may need replacement snap – in:

• Leash, which is used for catching pike, trout do not need. The hook can be tied directly to the main fishing line. If you use the leash, he must be from fluorocarbon fishing line with a length of up to half a meter and a diameter of 0.20-0.24 mm

• The scaffold should not be too thick, so as not to scare away sensitive fish. If the bulk of the fish in the pond weighs in the range of 1.5-2 kg, suitable monofilament fishing line 0.25 mm in diameter for larger individuals – 0,28-0,30 mm

• Be sure the hook is sharp, strong punch to his mouth trout. The size of the international table No. 4-6.

In use the sliding sinker stoppers are fixed at a distance of 0.5 m from the hook. This method guarantees samorodnitsky fish.

Trout fishing in winter on the imitation fish is good with a good knowledge of the reservoir. This gear is mounted stationary in the hole, if the angler does not know the exact place you stop production, you can easily stay without a catch.

The hole under the imitation fish are drilled at a distance of 5 meters. It depends on the depth of fishing – the bigger it is, the farther must be the wells from each other. Check imitation fish every 40-60 minutes. In case of prolonged absence of bites need to change the place.

trout fishing on imitation fish

Kucova rod

Use celkovou rods ideal for all fans of winter fishing. Also, this method is optimal if the Parking trout are unknown and need to attract the fish.

Selection of tackle as follows:

• Durable rod that can withstand big fish. The whip hard, capable of punching strong jaws when cutting.

• Coil fit the usual diameter about 5 cm, with brake to bleed the line if necessary.

• Short Nod, matched to the weight of the lure.

• Monofilament fishing line with a thickness of 0,20-0,25 mm fishing line Be sufficient for playing fish up to 3 kg weight, and a thicker monofilament will be too noticeable in the water.

• As bait use spinners, rockers and jig.

This method is more popular than fishing on imitation fish, with the active participation of fishermen and bait and game modes. In certain periods, fishing with artificial lures can yield much better results than the others. This contributes to the possibility of using additional attachments bloodworms, maggots, shrimp and others.

Float rod

Trout fishing on the float is also quite interesting. When weak Kleve to provoke the fish periodic stirring gear.

The tackle is taken the same as for artificial lures, with a few additions:

• A nod on the rod is not used as a bite indicator is a float.

• The hook is tied on a leash length of 50 cm and a thickness slightly less than the main fishing line.

• To fix the snap-in is used weight olive.

• The float can be adapted with a lot of snap. Ogruzka should be such that the antenna of the float was at the level of the water or slightly submerged.

When fishing on the float, you need to ensure that the hole is not covered with ice not covered with snow and sludge. This will lead to blocking of the float and will make the bite unnoticeable.

For best results, you should raise the gear 30-50 centimeters every 1-2 minutes. Cutting should be sharp to penetrate the dense sky trout. After summarizing the production to the hole to get the line better hands, setting aside the rod.

Bait for trout

When fishing for trout in the winter using a variety of bait animal origin. In this method of fishing does not play a values – bait used with any kind of tackle.

The most successful baits:

– shrimp;

– the bait;

– Motyl;

– maggot;

– trout paste;


salmon caviar.

Many anglers believe the best bait is shrimp. They can be raw or cooked in a little salted water. Must be mounted in such a way as to completely hide the hook okolovskaya stands on tip trout immediately spit the bait. If the fish are not too timid, the sting can be left open, which will increase the probability of successful cuttings. Depending on the size of the shrimp it can be used to hang parts or whole.

When fishing on imitation fish typically use live bait – minnows, bitterling, bleak. It is usually used on waters where trout more than a half kilogram weight. For zherlits suitable bloodworm, worm and maggot, planted separately or together.

Now in the fishing shop to buy a special trout paste, which efficiency is also quite high.

Very well established itself as bait salmon ROE. But, unfortunately, the high cost prevents many anglers use it to the fullest.

Selection of lures

Trout, thanks to their omnivorous, well to artificial baits designed for catching predatory fish species. When fishing in the winter using a vertical wiring, therefore, use the three main types of lures:

– the jig;

– the spinner;

the see – saw.

Fishing on mormyshka

Very popular among anglers bait. Primarily this is due to the ruggedness of the trout – suitable spinners of any color and model. The main requirement is that a long forearm and a relatively large hook size. Weight of bait – from 3 to 8 grams.

Catching by trolling with a purpose. The bait in the form of bloodworms or shrimp is usually used in bad biting, and during the activity perfectly caught trout on a bare hook.

Game lure is as follows:

• the jig is lowered to the desired depth;

• should rise to the bait at 15-20 cm with a pause at the end;

• releasing of the bait in a free fall with a pause.

Pause length and height of the lifts depends on the activity of fish. At a bad biting pause can last up to 30 seconds.


trout fishing in winter trolling

Spinner is a fairly successful bait for trout fishing. When lowering they deviate to the side from the vertical axis, attracting fish.

Features of spinner:

• form narrow coated cells;

• the color of copper, silver, and in some cases trout can peck at brightly decorated bait;

• size depends on the size of trout in the reservoir and is in the range of 3-7 cm

The game spinner is to leap up to 30-50 cm and release to its original position. A pause, the frequency of strokes and the height is chosen in the process.

Quite often the trout are biting on a bare hook, but weak activity can be further to use the bait.

Fishing on the balancer

The balancer is a lot like trolling, but it has three hooks instead of one, and the water is in a horizontal position. Unlike the spinners, the balancer is widely deflected to the sides, giving the opportunity to sh in a much larger area.

Specifications lure:

• size is selected for fish, usually used balance weights from 4 to 6 cm long;

• colors catchability equalizers can be quite extensive and provide a specific color is almost impossible. Trout are biting well on silver, white, orange, green and other colors, and combinations thereof;

• on the bottom of the tee to hang a colored bead, such a bait will be more attractive to trout.

The essence of the game is to toss the bait up and down the gear in its original position. When planning the balancer moves on the eight, going far out to the sides from the hole. Pauses are necessary, their duration can vary depending on the activity of fish.

When fishing for trout in the winter on the balancer you should have a few lures in different colors. Many fishermen are advised to start oblaivanie hole lures in the color which is a silver color. If the bite is bad, then go to other colors. Can be so that the light beams of the trout completely ignores, and then have to go to the dark bait (up to black).

Balancer allows you to easily sh in all water layers, which is very useful – trout may be at different depths. So during the game you can gradually raise the bait at 40-50 cm, calculating the horizon, which is a fish.

bait for trout

The choice of location

Trout is rarely long in one place. She’s usually actively moving around the pond in search of food, so the search is not limited to the location of the Parking lot, to the point of possible passage of fish.

There are two main tactics of search of fish:

• select a location, the fisherman is waiting for the approach of the fish;

• angler’s constantly moving on the water in search of trout.

If the elevation of the reservoir bottom is known, the drill holes should be along the sidelines – often, the route trout takes place in such places. In extreme cold the fish can stand long in the pits, losing appetite and bad reacting to lures and bait.

The depth of the passage of fish also varies. Typically, trout fishing in winter, occurs at depths from 2 metres from the edge of the ice and below.

On reservoirs with the artificial breeding of trout, there is a specific law in search of prey. A young, recently launched the trout is in constant motion. If the fish has launched 4-5 years ago, it most of the time in places of permanent sites, about finding a where you can ask the local fishermen or caretakers.

Useful tips to increase catch:

• Pause the game when the bait is a very important element – during the them and going on the bite.

• Bloodworms and maggots are more suitable for catching small animals, but the strike large instance is also not excluded.

• Trout is fairly sensitive fish, so the excess noise can easily scare her. You should eliminate loud talking and stomping on the ice in the process of fishing.

• When choosing a place should not focus on the old pit – shy trout often avoids such places.

• Trout has a strong resistance when playing, so removing it should confidently, but carefully, to prevent breakage of the line and grinding it against the edge of the ice.

Trout fishing in winter brings not only pleasure, but also advantage – this fish is not only delicious, but also useful. Regardless of the chosen method of fishing fishing for this fish will not become less interesting, moreover, that large bodies of water this fish can reach 5-6 kg weight, and this production would do honor to any fisherman. But the main thing is that, once exotic, fish is becoming an increasingly popular angling target.

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