How to catch sabrefish on the red thread.

Fishermen who enjoy catching sabrefish, probably faced problems when storing bait in fact to keep maggots in the fridge is acceptable not all anglers.

But there is still a great opportunity that allows you to avoid such problems. The universal bait, which not only can be stored perfectly in all conditions and temperatures, but also be applied with success in any area, it’s a red thread. Such a bait according to many anglers is one of the best tools for catching sabrefish, has still its positive and negative sides.

Some fishermen manage to fish with spinning rods fished sabrefish has more polukilogrammovy weight. And one of the secrets of this success is the use of red thread and a special fishing technique. So consider this version of the bait. To create the red thread is taken of any quality, which wrapped hook. And this is the first step to drafting a tackle, which is taken also the rod type light or ultralight with the characteristics of lightness and compactness. Monofilament fishing line has to stretch as little as possible on her end to tie a sinker, having the form of drops, its weight should depend on the strength of the flow.

Withdrawal attach to the main line, and on it place about four leashes with hooks. The float has the ability to slip clips using the swivel to the line, creating a stopper knot during the fishing. The main element of your experiment – the red thread, which is better to reel in home comfort, do not hurry to leave a small part of the tip.

Giving all forearm exclusively red, you are fully armed for catching sabrefish. But in this case, you should know that chehon picks all the same when you bite the bait of worms. In some cases, and in some places the fish do not pay attention to equipped with red thread the bait. But such places are fairly rare, and most use red thread gives good results.

The stopper knot is tightened with such force that will allow immersion of the float is not more than one and a half line. Places where there is rapid current draw sabrefish, so the turbulent flow is her favorite place, where you can safely seining. And as soon as the hook has reached the surface of the water, you need to exercise the utmost sensitivity, because it is the time when more than half of the successful bites.

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