How to catch sabrefish on the feeder

A little about sabrefish. The bulk of the population are individuals of 200 to 500g, but under favorable conditions, this fish can gain up to 2kg weight and reach lengths of 70cm. It is pelagic, live and lively fish. It is an excellent target for sport fishing. As a rule, sabrefish is found in large rivers and spacious reservoirs. Sabrefish is usually caught in early spring.

You need to arrive early, long before starts biting Sichel. In order to choose a place to unload and to prepare the bait. Bait the water taken from the pond that you are fishing, it’s important. In order to reduce the cost of the bait to the commercial mixtures, you can add slightly nadovrazhnoe millet. Knead for several minutes, but do not rush. The mixture should be uniform and without lumps. The more carefully you mixed bait, the more fish You catch. To bait, you can add coconut as well it POPs up. We know that chehon is kept in the middle and upper layers and it would help her to lure. Bait needs to steep for 20 minutes that the moisture is evenly spread and absorbed components.

While this is happening, you can collect feeder tackle. After collecting the gear, installed a stand for fishing rods, then we need to take care of the seat. It doesn’t have to be a chair. If the coast is complex, uneven, instead of a chair will fit woven polyurethane Mat. When the place is ready, begin to feed the fish. Here’s how: throw, sharp jerk shakes out from the trough to feed and take out the tackle. Usually the fishermen make from ten to twenty such accusations. This allows you to create on the bottom of the feeding area where you will hold fish. That would not scatter the fish on the river, you must try to make casts in the same place. Do not rush, take complementary feeding enough time and You will not remain without fish.

Is placed on the hook the foam ball (this will add the positive buoyancy hooks) and bait. In our case it will be maggot. The ball should be of a size that would raise in the water column not only the hook but the bait. As a rule, stick to an odd number of maggots, an even number of maggots turns the leash. Throw. If you do not bite more than 5 minutes or more, the tackle need to perezapustit. If the first bite happened very quickly, so fish have come to feed. Experienced fishermen use such concept as a rate of fishing, simply put, is a number of takes for a certain unit of time.

If done correctly, the fishing rate will be very high (since the installation of the rod on the stand to take less than one minute or one caught fish for 2-2,5 minutes). I wish You to catch sabrefish!


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