How to catch roach in winter

Roach can be caught all winter, especially closer to spring. The most active biting is observed in the morning, then it fades a bit but lasts all day.


This fish is gregarious, loves to be grouped in large schools and feed in areas with a muddy bottom, where there is for her food – a variety of shellfish. Might fancy a place on the rocks, next to reeds or other vegetation, the roots of which are in the water. Also loves places deep up to 10-15 meters. Readily feeds in ponds with quiet water and over.

In winter, relative to summer, the biting, of course, decreases, but remains constant. It loves bloodworms, but eager to take another bait, as it is not too fussy and fastidious. Well roach bite animals heads and plant.

The preference can be given such as:

Semolina Prater Park. Prepared from semolina with a high content of gluten. You need to take one spoon of cereals and equal amount of water and stir until smooth. Let stand for about 15-20 minutes and the slurry thoroughly mixed. If the result of highly thickish, then add in the water droplets. The composition must be viscous and sticky. Hook-it is better to put little stick – like twirling.

Gluten. It can be removed from semolina or flour. Take 100 gr. monkey, hold in a fist and under running water from a faucet to water. Not much jamming to squeeze the formed turbidity and grains. Moisten – squeeze. When the lump is formed, it is possible to pass from hand to hand and hold under running water until pasta from semolina and water will cease to wash dregs. Must remain a little piece of gluten, which is a margin enough for good fishing, as it is very firmly kept on the hook. Be sure, before work, wash the hands, otherwise the gluten will turn out grey! It’s also possible to obtain gluten and flour, from the beginning it is necessary to knead the piece of dough. The bait you can add a drop of flavoring. Keep it handy in the fridge, pre-placing into the syringe a volume of at least 10 cubes, but otherwise it will be difficult to squeeze the trigger.

Barley. Here much wisdom there. Just try harder to tenderize and season with unrefined oil. Grits, you should choose the lightest and most. In the store view all packages, they are now transparent.

Bread crumb. Here it is desirable to mix the crushed food for feeding aquarium fish.

Manure worms. They should be harvested in the fall and store in suitable conditions. You can also buy in stores for fishing.

Cow’s udder. Strung pieces should be more – will caught a big fish, and little – detail.

Maggot. It is easier to buy in a specialty store, than to breed in the home. Single hook is better to string a few pieces.

It is advisable always to lure RAM. Bait, can be used as a store and your. This will perfectly fit a variety of porridge, cake or cake. In cereals, it is desirable to add finely chopped worms or bloodworms, as well as the aquarium and food. If in the reservoir there is no current, the bait can be fed directly into the hole, with such supply will create a cloud of poop, which readily fits the fish.

On the course it is better to use special feeders that open at the bottom or constantly there. You can determine the direction of flow of water and drill a hole to feed so that he wore them to your place of fishing.

RAM very well caught on spinners in the form of droplets with black and red shades. Can be used as a float tackle and bottom. The course load should be at the bottom, and leads higher up the scaffold. This installation will be the bait to move to attract the fish. The line should use the the thin, based on the size of the fish in this pond.

Biting sharp and fast. If cutting has occurred, it is necessary to quickly pull the fish out of the hole, as their movements, it can scare off a whole pack.

By following the above rules, the success of a good catch will only please.

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