How to catch pike on the balancer. The choice of fishing line and balance bar

The balancer is the favorite bait used for catching pike in the winter. As is clear, the pike hunts alone (in contrast to swarms of perch), so methods that will allow us to find the whereabouts of this fish differ.

How to catch pike on the balancer.

When fishing for pike on the balancer gear does not require special equipment useful only to a small rod and reel equipped with a clutch, well the balancer. It is better to have several pieces of different sizes and colors. But we should realize that in the early stages of catching just need the desire and stubbornness, and a huge exposure. «What do I get in return» you ask? Not only, of course, a catch. Yes, and plenty of thrills, a sense of struggle. And the sportiness of the struggle will give you a lot of pleasure.

The choice of fishing line for pike on the rocker.

What is the line most used for fishing on the balancer? Better suited to monofilament fishing line, as it has some stretch and will be easy to extinguish the jerks fish. If you catch at depths up to 5 meters, then definitely you will need a high monofil properties. More desirable and often used section of line is 0.25 mm is preferable if the option of «spinning», If the snap-tackle is a very thin line, when playing even a small pike will transform the lottery «will rise or not rise». Pike when pulling up very sharply thrown to the side, resulting in a narrow line easily torn on the bottom edge of the hole. From time to time have to use fishing line is much thicker, but with all this we should not forget that pike in the winter is very suspicious, and forests of large diameter is not only more visible, and by its own thickness and roughness will change the game balancer. At the end of each fishing trip it is necessary not only to look, but to cut a meter of line on the end, and especially if she’s seen the damage. The material of the leash, of course, use a thicker line, for example a cross section of 0.45 mm, but this line is too rough and will be visible in the clear water. Better to pick up the leash and a flexible multi-strand with a length of over 20 cm and a breaking load of about 8 pounds, of course, if your pond has large specimens of pike. Vertuga you can not equip, but the carbine will create ease when changing balancers.

The choice of a stabilizer for pike.

Fishing for pike is better to choose the followers not of the smallest. A good size is about 7 cm For coloring it would be better to start with coloring under a perch or a roach. When buying balancers in the shop need special attention to the size of the front, also the tail hook. At equal size the balancer preferable to the one with the larger hook. If the balancer is equipped with a tee, it is best to replace it with a larger, but reasonable, because it can negatively affect the play of the lure.

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