How to catch pike on spinning

The appropriate seasons for pike fishing in spring and autumn. For this you will need to study the habits of the predator, to choose the right tackle and bait, find the habitat of this fish.

The most suitable habitats for pike – place with a slow current. It can be river, lake, Bay, Strait. You can find her where there are snags, holes, bushes, high grass. From these places it is easier to hunt prey attack the predator on her. Pike grow fast and in 3 years it can reach a length of 35 – 40 cm and about a kilogram of weight. In large rivers and lakes you can catch the individual up to 15 kg weight.

To catch pike on live bait it is better to try small fish, frogs or cancer. The best time for fishing is early morning when it is light out, or evening. In the dark she does not bite. When cold, it becomes cloudy or the heat subsides, pike becomes active, it is a time when it is possible to catch.

How to catch pike in the summer or fall? The answers to these questions will be different. Total will be only a device for catching.

1) an essential tool for hunting for pike spinning and bait. Spinning should differ special durability, flexibility and ability to withstand the attack of a predator.

2) For the nozzle it is better to use live bait, trolls, turntables, spoons, lures, and fish plastic and foam. The distinctive quality of the nozzles must be the ability to attract the attention of the pike.

3) the Spoon should be played, it needs to spin or oscillate in the water.

4) Lure should mimic the behavior of this fish will lure a predator.

5) Silicone and foam baits should mimic the behavior of sick or injured fish, creating the impression pike easy.

In terms of color and shape bait every angler chooses for himself. It takes a lot of trial and error. At different times of day, different times of the year pike caught on different lures. So the fisherman should be a good Arsenal of lures. You need to have and bait and various lures, lures and bait. They should be dark and light.

To keep the bait it is important that the leash, which she attached to a fishing line spinning rod, were strong. Now you can buy leashes tungsten, steel, titanium, in General, such that it will withstand the sharp teeth of a predator.

To fish for pike is from a boat. Determine the location where it can be pike, it could be a snag, shrubs, grass and so on. Cast your line as close as possible to this place. Wiring methods produce a variety of intermittent, throbbing and so on. Try to find the transaction for which the predator will quickly respond.

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