How to catch pike in winter

When reading the advice of the masters of spinnings and rods, never cease to be amazed that none of the «fishermen» that describe the skills, does not specify for what the fish were hunting.

The basic rule of successful fishing is the choice of a particular fish, which is sent to the reservoir.

Let’s look at the rules of the pike, as this is the most common species and the size of her if not significant, it is worthy. Going for pike in the winter or early spring, you should bring imitation fish, ice ax, bagaric extractor («tweezers» for pulling hooks from the carcass), zevnik, cuttings purchased on the market, or a rod with a jig for fishing in the same pond.

Now, about Gerlich and more. Imitation fish use for pike is recommended with a rigid Foundation. They presented an easy collapsible design that takes up almost no space in the suitcase. Such imitation fish are sold at the bait shop and can be fully equipped (with fishing line to 0.4 mm, the leash hook – double No. 10 and sinker) for use for its intended purpose.

Looking for habitat, predator and deceive her.

Each pike has its own «hunting grounds». The area of the reservoir, which she patrols, can reach up to 40 – 50 square meters. Thus, Gerlich in the number of 10 pieces is enough to cover as much of the possessions of the pike.

As for live bait, he must not have large dimensions – 8 cm — 10 cm (carp, roach, okoshki – the most common and for a long time movable, which attracts the predator).

Get to the point where there are pike and immediately inspect the coastal zone. We are interested in lowering the bottom in the depth (the depth slope). It can be measured with a depth gauge, a heavy spinner or conventional fishing line with a load (lowered and determined depths). If the drop off found – put imitation fish and waiting for a nibble (as measured by the «vystrelivshey» checkbox). If within an hour the bite was not – go to another place.

Would not hurt to darken the hole. Ice the light does not pass, and then the hole, but still lit. So you need the edge of the hole covered with snow. Bait placed on the hook in such a way that it would be less traumatic.


If the fishing line from the spool unwound continuously – you should strike. When the checkbox is fired and the coil not moving, it is necessary to wait for its rotation. The movement of the coil indicates that pike grabbed the bait and swam on, not noticing the trick. Just now I need her «miss». Hooking briefly and sharply to the hooks pierced the strong fall of the perch. Next, make the fish.

Try to keep the fishing line closer to the center of the target as on the edge of the ice it can be accidentally cut. Summing up the predator to the hole slowly. It will be very to resist. The bigger the fish, the more carefully it is necessary to play. The main task – to tire, to wear down the pike and make it in the hole.

If the fish stood in the hole, get it with the help of biorica.

Then rejoice, take pictures and prepare for a delicious homemade ear.

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