How to catch pike in the spring

Any novice or experienced fisherman with the onset of spring wants only one thing – to catch big pike, and then be photographed on its background. Why in the spring of fishermen, Amateurs and professionals prepare all their gear that will help in catching this predator?


Yes, because this time is considered the best in the winter predator goes deep under the water and its difficult to lure from their homes in the summer bite this fish very reluctantly, because she doesn’t like the heat. But in the spring, both times, the fish already comes closer to the surface of the water in search of food, because over the winter she has a terrible hunger.

How to catch pike in the spring?

When fishing only from the banks it is better to use the method of «bait», especially if the weather was warm and Sunny. Sinking Wobbler is most suitable for fishing in the Bay with very calm water, whirlpools and different remote areas.

Fishing tackle of sufficient strength bleak is recommended if you are fishing from such boat.

In the spring, the pike is recommended to catch on live bait, but in this case you need to know the exact location of the predator.

Bait should be selected on the basis of how convenient it is to use.

As bait preference, it is recommended to not give artificial baits, but small live fish, as pike responds not only to unexpected, natural movement, but also the smell. Experienced fishermen use such fishing is recommended gudgeon or a roach.

Another popular bait is the spoon, which is used in the spring for catching of a predator. Spoon it is desirable to select, depending on the degree of illumination of the place where you plan to fish.

Baubles white color more suitable for catching this big fish during Sunny weather. Yellow minnow is recommended for use in cloudy weather and rainy, and two-tone scopex variable cloud.

Spring fishing for pike you can go with Popper that makes a noise. However, some knowledgeable fishermen strongly doubt that this Wobbler can bring some benefit when fishing for big fish.

The most exciting and interesting is the pike fishing on spinning, but choose this fishing device in the store should be very carefully and special attention should be given to the line reel. You should choose such pillows that you can use for catching very large fish, in particular pike.

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