How to catch pike in the fall?

To cover in this article the features of autumn fishing for pike in all regions of our vast country is not possible. But there are common features for all water bodies inhabited by this predator.

Why autumn?

The best time for fishing for pike, according to many experts, this autumn. As grass and algae in the cold water sink to the bottom, to catch the spinning becomes comfortable. Pike aktiviziruyutsya sharply, throwing any bait, regardless of size. And now, in early October, the water layers are mixed, are relatively uniform in temperature, which drops to minus fifteen degrees. Pike doesn’t have to look cool in the pits, and it is distributed throughout the pond. At this time, the pike is active throughout the daylight hours. The duration of this grace period before the first ice.

Tackle and bait for pike in the fall

Fall fishing is not recommended. First, there is a problem with the very alive, catch it much more difficult than in the summer. Secondly, in the autumn of pike moved across the pond and can spin sh in a much larger area than stationary hooks under the ice. So that in the fall the better the spinning.

Spinners a versatile and proven kind of bait. In Sunny weather, yellow, cloudy silver. Twisters, wobblers, vibrohvosta – each fisherman has its own advantages and the most catchability bait. In the autumn all goes to the cause.

Pike place

In small ponds to discover pike is not too difficult. Bottom irregularities, pits, bushes and slanted trees over the water, most likely, will not leave a fisherman without a catch. On the lakes the pike and other predators are kept close to the shoals of smaller fish, which is prepared for the winter. Shoals of small fish congregate in the pits, shoreline areas Svalov. Therefore, the goal of spinning is to survey all suitable for concentrations of fish.

On larger lakes and rivers, if the fisherman does not know them thoroughly, it is difficult to do without the use of sonar. To determine the «eye» holes, drop offs and other changes in depths, often not possible. And not in every pit at the big pond accumulate shoals of fish, which lives near the pike fall on large lakes and rivers. If you find such a place of accumulation, then to sh it to the first ice. You are very lucky. Better to fish heavy baits. Having to implement the wiring from the shore into the depths. You can do this only with the boat, so autumn pike fishing from the shore on larger bodies of water is inefficient.

Video about pike fishing in the fall

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