How to catch pike in the fall. The secrets of fishing.

Anglers with experience claim that in the fall the water begins to cool, you can feel the first frost. This is the reason that the pike fishing begins to be more interesting and even more productive. This is because plants that are under water, because of the marked cooling water are deposited. Then the fisherman finds new areas to catch fish that were previously not available. And if he is going to use serious gear, this new location will bring the fisherman a good catch.

But still there are a few secrets that is definitely not to make a mistake and do not miss the chance to catch beautiful fish.

As mentioned above, the water temperature in the fall begins to decrease gradually, which leads to the fact that pike is starting to become more passive. She’s starting to not be so active because the body slows down its biological processes. Hunting pike turns into waiting for the fish just «stands» in place and waits for the right she will pass Malek and relatively big. During a cold snap, the main task of pike is to absorb the greatest possible production at the lowest cost of energy.

In order for this predator took the bait fisherman, so it was large enough and had the appropriate «activity». To do this, to fish near the shore, where the river is not so deep. Another important secret – you need to catch pike after noon. Surprisingly, regardless of the weather (whether it’s incredibly hot day, or rainy) is the period of highest activity of pike in the fall.

Still, weather plays a role when fishing for pike. Rainy weather – perfect time for fishing on the predator. Inexperienced fishermen claim that on the contrary, the most suitable weather is Sunny, and the biting then it is better. But it is not so. High atmospheric pressure and water, which is illuminated by the rays of the sun – not the best conditions in order to catch the big one. Because pike does not go hunting at this time. It will survive when the pressure drops, and the water from the rain will become muddy. Moreover, even the direction of the wind affects how successful will be fishing. If the wind is North-East or even absent, it is likely that pike will not be hunting.

You also need to choose the right bait. As was said above, fishing is close to shore, therefore the most effective light bait, larger than twelve inches. Selecting too little bait, the fisherman can only catch a few perch, but certainly not pike.

And the last one. If ten shots were unsuccessful, the angler should move to another area. Most likely, the rat preys on the other.

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