How to catch IDE

Fishing enthusiasts come up with various tools for more productive fishing. IDE very cautious fish that live in the upper layers of water, therefore apply horizontal floats. The advantage of this float that the fish does not notice and have the opportunity of getting to distant points.


IDE becomes active later than the first flight of the mayflies, this happens in the summer, and it was his middle. This fish finds shelter under the old bridges, steep banks, fallen trees. In summer anglers often use horizontal floats with attached plate of lead on the lower side.

Fishermen in search of the best snap can try a lot of ways, not finding skid horizontal floats.Many fans of silent hunting can use «subs». This float is fixed on the fishing line 0,20-0,23 mm.The forest is passed through the body of the float, then clamped core. There is another version of this type of float. In it are mounted the choke ring. Weights in this embodiment may serve as fortified grains near the rings.In this option you need to use a leash 0,18-0,20 mm and a length of not more than a meter.

«Submarine» is perfect for any water. Fishermen usually choose as spinning and fly rod, ordinary telescopic.

Bait in the lakes

Experienced fishermen usually use:

– skates ;

blue dragonflies


small caterpillars, larvae;

At dusk the muscles react to active white butterflies. Night you better watch out for the movement of the float, if he suddenly goes under the water — need to dramatically reel in.

Briefly about the different methods of fishing

On the butterfly.

This material can be easily produced, enough to light a fire. Butterflies will fly up to the fire, burning their fragile wings. But this material not be stored for a long time, so it is better to dry and apply the clay as a dressing for fish.

On the larvae.

Larvae fairly common bait. They are found along the edges of banks and clay soils, so finding them will not be difficulties. Larvae can be stick both with one and several on the hook.But keep in mind, if you have to catch the insect larvae, other fish bait is no longer interesting.

Note: a Small muscle can be seen in the clean and clear waters, in that case you can throw the bait near the fish, but it requires excellent skills of fishing.

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