How to catch from the bottom of a giant carp

Bait for silver carp it is better to use to purchase branded. Since many of them are sold in specialized stores. She has a fine composition, green, tone on tone water, color, pleasant smell. In the water it gradually dissolves and surrounds the bait muddy cloud. In the bait need to add a little aniseed drops, to make it even more desirable to fish, but it is not necessary to get involved in flavoring fish food, otherwise the result may be the opposite — the strong smell might scare the prey.

The algorithm of possible actions fishing to capture a carp with big size:

  • the bait to use as bait, mixed it in its pure form;
  • from a plastic bottle with holes in the lid evenly to pour water from the same pond, mixed with a small amount of anise oil;
  • grind with hands to the desired state, so that when immersed in water food began immediately to attract prey;
  • prepare another batch of a different composition of ingredients — about one-third of the bait, while two — thirds of wheat shorts. This mess needs to hold at the point of fishing, attracted by the smell of food carp;
  • for delivery to the desired location, the bait you can use a shore boat.

For further use special fishing gear, which can have a large number of varieties. Any gear with frequent use, you can upgrade and customize as it will be easier for its owner. Basic — is the presence of sharp and strong hooks, and put into the feeder cargo, serving for automatic sweeps. To attract fish, it is desirable to use a colored floating corn, it can greatly enhance the results. Hooks need to pack in the feeder so that when immersed in water they are easily freed and ready to receive production.

Feeder and the second portion of the bait is delivered to the desired location by boat and are released into the water. Feeder with hooks right down to the bottom and the bait will gradually decline involving fragrant cloud of silver carp to the place of fishing. If the fish is active enough, the bite can begin almost immediately. In any case, wait a long don’t have.

If there is no boat to deliver the bait, you can drop manually, but for consistency it should be a little more viscous that does not fall out of the trough upon impact with the water surface. You can add just a little monkey.

When hunting big fish be sure to have a reliable and durable gear capable of holding and pull out a giant carp. Quality fishing line, hooks, rods should be carefully checked before each fishing trip, it is very a shame to miss out on loot after so many made the effort!

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