How to catch fish

I wanted to talk about the ancient occupation of mankind. Fishing! As you know there are different types of fish and to catch them you need to know the simple secrets of professional fishermen.

First, let’s talk about depth: if you go to carp, you need to consider that he can beat both at depth and on the surface, especially if heat. Do carp like to take the bait of a floor, such as a crust of bread, you also need to consider that the fish, when it swims on top is more visible and the fishermen do not have to run along the shore and bright clothes to dress so as not to scare the fish.

Fishing line also has a significant value in fishing, so you need to choose how you can thin if thick fishing line fishing line, the fish can be frightened. If you go for the big fish, the line can be stopped, then just need the experience. Should not take multi-colored fishing line, it can scare off the fish, the fishing line is very visible in the water, so you need to take as thin and not noticeable line.

Our next destination is the cargo. The load should not beat one of them should be few, may 3-5 grams depending on the float. The lighter the load, the less fear the fish.

Next, let’s talk about gum and how it to catch fish. How to catch a fish on a rubber band? What are the advantages of a fishing rod with a rubber shock absorber (gum) from ordinary fishing rods? Now we will try to sort out these issues. To begin, I’m telling you how to assemble a fishing rod with a rubber shock absorber (elastic). On Motoviltse (reel) reel fishing line 0.35-0.4 mm long, 80-100 m. Below line is tangled, the end of the fishing line tied to the swivel. To the swivel tie a rubber band. Then into the eyelet of the swivel skip gum 4-6 times, and knotted on 6-7 normal nodes , you also need to leave 2-3 cm of the tail of the line below when pulling the gum knot didn’t come undone. When you tighten the gum line should be wetted with water.

A rubber band to tie to the cargo not it’ll break. Then tie the elastic rope can be a nylon cord. On a rope make a loop and tie a rubber band as well as on the swivel. Next, we need the goods which we will tie it to the rope it can beat lead, if you throw from a boat it can hit the bricks. Stone, bag with sand to the load cable, a buoy, an empty bottle. Leashes are tied in different ways the most popular way «loop the loop» on the line do loops, they tied the leashes. The fishing line together with a rubber band wrapped around the fishing line to nagotovila not broke no need to wind the line in preload. Fishing gum popular method of catching fish the only drawback is the long process of preparing for fishing. Elastic catch sabrefish, Zander, pike, bream, white bream, IDE, burbot .

And the last choice fishing spot. Arriving at the reservoir, we choose a convenient place, this is a mistake, the fish will not bite on the same place, we must remember that it is not that we need fish, but fish to us. For example, small fish like to be near the reeds where she can hide so somewhere there is floating predator. At the time of day the fish are also obtained for feeding, then the rest.

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