How to catch crayfish hands

Crayfish are a great snack with beer during the feast, and by themselves they are very tasty. But if you really want cancers, but there is no way or money to order them myself? What in such case, you can try to catch their own hands, there’s nothing too complicated. How and where to find crayfish, how to catch them where they live — this will be discussed in this article.

Note: in this article, you will learn about catching crayfish with his hands, and not on the rod (very inefficient) or rakolovku.

Before we get into the water hoping to catch something, you need to determine whether there are crayfish in the pond at all. It should build on the fact that the crayfish lives only in clean and oxygen-rich water, and therefore prefer the river. In lakes crayfish live in the same rarely, because the water flow quickly becomes stagnant, and they don’t like. Prefer to life parts of the river where the bottom is covered with rocks or consists of clay (or at least to present clay performances); in areas of the river where the bottom consists of sand or silt are inhabited rarely, because in this case they have nowhere to find safe shelter.

Regarding depth of recommendations, it is necessary to look at the place. Can live like the depth of «knee» and to a depth of three meters.

In the case when it became clear that in the reservoir just there, or at least can be cancers – you can start fishing. It is advisable to bring along a diving mask, it will significantly simplify the whole process, but this is optional. You need to look for cancers in places where they can hide, it: under stones, under tree trunks, fallen trees, mud in the holes. If the river bottom is at least partially composed of clay, you need to look for them done in mink (diameter usually less than 10 cm). Finding a place where you can sit cancer, you need to carefully, keep the arm in such a position that the hand was covered by cancer (in any case it is impossible to sharply thrust his hand into the hole, and even at a right angle, because the face of crawfish covered with spikes and they can get hurt, and grab maybe), not making too sudden movements to get the arm into the hole and, feeling cancer, to press his hand to grab the shell. Repeat the process until there are a sufficient number of cancers.

Before cooking the crayfish must be washed thoroughly and, preferably, remove their intestines (to understand how to do it, the easiest way is to watch instructional video). In salt water you need to throw the dill, salt and a little pepper (the easiest recipe); since, when the water is boiling, need to measure approximately 15 minutes, during this time, crawfish boil time.

A successful catch.

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