How to catch chubs in the spring

ASP -the fish is quite large,is kept at the water surface there looking for food. In the spring of a fish to catch on a fairly long pole 5-6 meters, it is necessary for longer casts. Optimal gear for fishing this species of fish will be a telescopic rod with guide it ring and free-wheel reel. As well for catching the fish will fit a Twister tackle which consists of a float and two streamers. The float is made of foam, it is necessary to increase lead,to be able to throw greater distances.

If you take too heavy,the float can simply break the tackle. If you want to throw a tackle for a distance of not more than seventy meters ,then the float should weigh no more than fifty grams. We should not forget about plavuchesti float if you are going to fish in the fast current, the float is better to use with negative buoyancy,slower for in accordance with positive buoyancy. The most effective bait for catching the fish many anglers believe a piece of goat’s wool impaled on the hook No. 10 according to the Russian classification. Good catches can be caught using Devon with an oscillating spinners. ASP is a predatory fish ,not bad to have a leash with a length of 15-20 cm,rarely fishing for Chub to many fishermen caught pike. ASP excellent bite in the spring in April and may,after the spawning season. After spawning, the ASP holds the pack and swims in shallow water in search of food,the main thing for the fisherman is to correctly identify the movement of such flocks ,relying on bursts of fish on the water and over the pond. Bite of the ASP suddenly and quickly swallows the hook,but vyhazhivanie and hook careful ,so you will reduce the failure of the fish to a minimum. Line do not use the road as it immediately becomes unusable,it is wise not to spend money on more expensive and just frequently change. For the casting rods were silent ,it is better to throw the canopy ,not sheer. In the spring of Chub biting periodically ,but rather actively the first bite it is ten to eleven,the colder the water the faster starts biting. Then the ASP stops,and closer to the lunch from one to two,and then again a lull. Well, closer to four hours ASP again began to bite. If you follow the recommendations ,you will remain with a good catch. The weight of an average jericha in spring reaches up to two pounds.


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