How to catch catfish in the hole

Catfish are considered one of the largest predators in the rivers of our country. Often, he is caught along with some fish – bass, pike, walleye, etc. This is because periodically catfish are biting on bait intended for other fish. Some anglers caught this fish in a targeted manner.

Som chooses a place of residence very carefully and often these hard to reach places, and catching them is not easy. You ask: where and how to catch catfish?

So. Need to catch catfish in the river sections, where he often met in the past. Catfish usually live in one place long enough. It is important to choose the right time for fishing. The third component of fishing is choosing the right equipment and bait. Now a closer look at each of the points.

Where to catch catfish?

Catfish usually inhabits the river bed pits. You ask: and how to find the right hole? On the rivers a lot of them. To find a hole, which is som, you need to speak with an experienced fishermen or locals, fished catfish in these places. If none is found, then choose a place yourself, based on what is often Somogyi pits are located in sharp bends of the rivers. These pits are very deep and have steep drop offs. If you find a similar pit, with clay bottom moderate silting, we have got to address. You should avoid the pits, too much vegetation and snags at the bottom, as in such places soma live not often.

When catching?

The most effective is night fishing for catfish, since that time catfish lying on the bottom in the daytime, climb out of the pit for feeding. Day catfish lying on the bottom of the «log» and does not react to what is happening upstairs. In the daytime only very small individuals walk along the river. Large fish can be obtained only from the hole and only at night.

How to catch catfish?

Ways to catch a lot of catfish, but here we consider catching on the donkey. This method is most effective, as the conditions of complex fishing: eddies, reverse flow, greater depth, etc. In difficult conditions float tackle is not proved properly, so when fishing for catfish it is not used. In parallel, bottom fishing, it is possible to examine the bottom with the spinning rod on the presence of snags, algae. Three donkey in a pit is the best option.

Under the ground you know very powerful rod small length with reel – multiplier. Clings to the rod is very durable and thick cord can withstand weight of up to 50-70 kg the thickness of the cord is taken a little less in the strong current, to reduce the «sail». A sliding sinker is chosen only because it is most sensitive to the bite and allows to recognize it in the first stage. Hooks are chosen among the large and strong, desirable brand. Are selected according to the type of nozzle.

As bait for catfish used: bundles of large worms, chopped meat of mussels, crayfish linyca, rotten meat, a little withered minnows, frogs, etc. the same bait used as bait. From this number we should distinguish lingchih cancers, which are the main food of the river som.

Donkey set as follows: two donkey at the bottom of the piles – one directly on the pit. Tackle firmly fixed on the river Bank. Connect the brake coils. Considered to be a good adjustment, in which, in the case of a sharp bite, the line it seems. It is recommended in the evening to kindle the fire on the beach.

In conclusion, say that this type of fishing is not calculated at all. This is due to the fact that the wait for a bite of catfish a few days, and sometimes not to wait and leave with nothing. But if you’re lucky, from such a pit can extract individual weighing 20-30 kg, and sometimes more. If you have strong nerves and are ready to wait for a bite a few days, then this option is for you.


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