How to catch carp using float fishing rods

Fishing for carp is extremely popular with fishermen. This is due primarily to the fact that the habitat of this fish is very wide. Now very common, in addition to the usual carp silver and gold colors, and even hybrids of these fish. On the float rod begin to catch carp somewhere in the middle of April.

The water should be warmed enough. Finish the season on carp in October. In the spring the fish approaches the shore, where the water warms up better and faster. In the summer time carp can be found in the Bush. In the fall he moved deeper into the various lagoons and pits.


Carp are very sensitive to changes in the weather. The most successful fishing is in warm weather with a slight breeze from South and South-West. Do not interfere, and fine mild rain.

Most novice anglers think that carp – fish is unpretentious and catching her very easy. But it seems so only at first glance. Good fishing is possible only with an adequate knowledge and understanding of the behaviors of the fish. Between hunting small carp in a small pond, practically crawling with them, and fishing for big carp is a huge difference. To catch big fish, you need to know a lot, and even more to be able to.

Carp – fish is very lazy, besides, quite difficult wayward behavior. So, before you go fishing, you need to stock up on a couple of different nozzles and baits. In order to calm the hunt for carp was a successful one, you need bait. It must have a perceptible smell, because the fish has an excellent sense of smell and taste. The Foundation of bait usually consists of various cereals. Other components are selected individually, depending on the season, fish behavior, characteristics of the reservoir. In order to give the bait the smell you can use hemp or sunflower oil, different flavors, and anise.

Float rod: the Snap-in

For a good catch of carp using two varieties of snap. The first option is a conventional fishing rod float which is fixed. The length of the rod is applied to seven meters.

The second option includes a sliding float and coil. Using the coil, you can throw the bait quite far from the shore. But in this case it is necessary to ensure that the fishing line is not tangled.

What to stop the choice of fishing line

The tackle is perhaps the most important thing when fishing. The most important thing in fishing line for carp fishing is lightness, thinness and elasticity. Depends on the frequency paklava. The quality of the line also plays a role: it should not be any unevenness or bulges. At the beginning of each season the old gear has to be replaced by a new one, as it loses almost half the original strength.

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