How to catch carp in the winter on spinners?

«On the pike to carp was not asleep!»

Russian proverb

Many anglers liked and used to catch carp in good, warm weather, and not everyone knows that carp is pretty good and successfully caught and in the winter.

In those waters, where quite a lot of oxygen in the water, carp can be caught all year round, especially effective will be fishing or warm Sunny days. Then the carp become very active and voracious, and bite is great, even in the evening or at night. Cold, snow, strong pressure differences cause the fish to go deep to the bottom. Then the fish become inactive and not interested in any lure or bait.

To choose the right place is the key to successful fishing. For carp the necessary conditions with not much silted bottom of the pond with good aeration of water: running pond, river with slow current, water with underground keys, etc Fishing will be more successful if you use bait.

Hunting for carp in winter is held by jigs, and by trolling using a fishing rod with a float. The standard bait is a worm or bloodworm, is not excessive and bait, which is prepared at home or directly while fishing. But spinners and fishing with float is the most popular gear among fishermen. The float rod equipped with a simple hook and simple hook. Fishing with jigs is the most comfortable for fishing due to the fact that they have a long nod, and, consequently, the visibility of the bite increases. The color of the jigs plays a special role, but definitely to talk about the color of the lure is difficult, as different bodies of water and the flavours carp different. Black, shiny silver, or copper with a dull bloom – here it is necessary to experiment.

Equipment for winter fishing for carp is mounted is not thin and cheap fishing line, but durable and preferably bought in a specialty store from well-known manufacturers that are well proven. Carp – fish rebellious and desperate to resist. The line definitely broken. In winter, this species the size is much more of the «old» instance, so the tackle you need to choose more durable.

About techniques and tactics that is applied to the fish, experienced fishermen are unable to agree. The most common techniques is drilling several holes in a row then the installation of the rods in still water. The bait needs to be fixed, and not above one and a half to two cm from the bottom. Another rod plays the jig, that is, smoothly raises and lowers the bait with intervals of three to five seconds and at a distance of 35 cm from the bottom.

Peck at the fish begins in silence, or immediately after the break. If there is an active bite, all of the rod mounted on the stanchion and are closely watching how little motion of a nod. Carp loves a smooth game mormyshkas, and therefore requires light movements from the bottom. This fish is cautious, carp first touches the bait, and then be swallowed. Cutting should follow immediately after any jerking, but hooking should be careful not to tear the fish’s mouth.

If catching carp on a jig You’ve never had, then it’s time to try.

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