How to catch carp in the summer

Catching carp in summer, there are certain features, they must be taken into account fishermen. For good result, carefully chosen tactics of fishing, which is specifically suited for a particular location. Every angler knows that in the summer, fish can be found at a depth of about two meters, where it finds its food. For small parcels of water, the carp will find vegetarian food. Especially in shallow water the water is warmed is better and the oxygen it contains in greater numbers.

When the weather changes dramatically, the fish usually sinks to the bottom, and its activity was significantly reduced. With increasing temperature, becomes much more natural forage. Because of this, most anglers complain about the absolute cessation of the biting. Do not give any result, even such tips which worked very well.

Watching every year during the summer months, the behavior of water inhabitants, experienced fishermen are difficult to predict, as the lead carp. For example, during the day, different depths of water bodies are heated with a different temperature. Because of this, enrichment of water with oxygen is not the same. The reaction of small carp on the amount of water enrichment with oxygen is minimal.

But the reaction of large carp, this change is much more painful. From this, they always choose and keep in the water layers where the high concentration of oxygen. Despite the fact that big carp can dive to great depths. If, for example, after a cold night gives way to a hot day, it is recommended to look at different levels of the reservoir.

Experienced fishermen advised in advance to prepare a place for deep water fishing. For example you need to choose a clean space from the vegetation in reeds or other vegetation, a place called «window».There he continues to feed throughout the summer. Hedgehog if such places are detected, in this case, they are made by hand. It must be remembered that in this «window» the fish feels protected to the maximum.

Such places are extremely productive for fishing. Catch as possible and small, but also very large carp. The plot is released from the vegetation, do not make very large.

According to numerous observations, it is worth noting that in the night time individuals large enough nozzle on the bottom, while smaller in the upper layers of the water. And when the day small carp down to the bottom, where it finds food, large, on the contrary, rises in the middle and top layers.

In the summer, great attention should be paid to the types of nozzles. You need to know when the onset of heat carp is a loss of interest in animal nozzle. At this time it is advisable to use such plant attachments like dough, semolina, crumb. In fact when you intend fishing for larger instances, it is better to use peas, barley boiled wheat. This is to avoid the bites of small fish, this in turn will increase the probability to catch more large carp.

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