How to catch carp in the autumn

So ended the summer. And, even if the day is Sunny and warm, the nights are getting colder. The water temperature plummets. All life is preparing for winter. Here and carp, in anticipation of the onset of cold weather, change your lifestyle

In what weather to catch carp?

In the early fall, when still warm, the carp continue to behave as in summer, kept close to shore. Carp continues to bite on any bait, approaching the fishing spot to an additional lure. Especially good biting of a crucian, when overcast, but still warm. Aktiviziruyutsya carp before the weather change.

But that’s getting colder and colder. Carp hammered deeper into the pit away from the shore and cease to move. At this time, you can catch it just by chance discover the place of the cluster.

During the morning frost of the lake are covered with a thin layer of ice, there are so-called «zabiegi». All fishing for carp this year will be gone. It «hurts», ceasing to eat and move around the pond.

Where to fish for carp in the fall?

Autumn carp can only be caught away from the shore, in the pits, next to coranicum, deep backwaters. That is, in those places where the fish will hibernate. Therefore, the stationary fishing for carp in the autumn is not productive. Only actively moving around the pond can be used to detect aggregations of carp and hope to catch.

The lure for carp

During the summer fishing for carp, lure is essential. But the autumn fishing for carp lure use are out of date. The fish is sedentary and does not move over the pond, even the smell of the lure.

When you step on warm, Sunny days of «Indian summer» use the lure still makes sense. Fish sharply aktiviziruyutsya and the delicious smell of the bait to come to the place of fishing.

The basis of the lure when fishing for carp usually account for a variety of porridge made from millet with the addition of semolina, breadcrumbs, Hercules. You can add store-bought lure for catching carp. It is also desirable to add flavors. In the place of fishing in the lure add a «local» ground and diluted with water from the pond. Breast feeding should be thick enough. This is General advice for fishing for carp, but the fall in the lure you need to add supplements live: maggots, bloodworms, chopped rainwater or manure worm.


In the fall to fish better on live nozzle: worms, bloodworms, maggots (fly larva). They can be used both separately and combining with each other. But to refuse barley, peas, dough and bread, is not worth it.

Tackles for catching carp

When fishing from the shore in the early autumn and summer suitable gear. But after cooling off with a float rod is better left at home. Effective to catch carp fall away from the shore at the feeder. The best option is fishing from a boat on a normal float or short side rod.

And, finally, synthesize all of the above. In the fall, for successful carp fishing, you should not use the lure. Fish should be found actively moving on the water while fishing.

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