How to catch carp in summer: features and nuances

Summer fishing for carp is considered the most favorable times, as water at this time is heated to the desired temperature, thanks to which the fish begins to show increased activity in the diet. Biting carp observed throughout the summer and occasionally he refuses to eat. The passivity of the carp due to the sharp changes in weather conditions. To say unequivocally in what month in the summer carp will bite best is impossible, because everything will depend on the region in which the reservoir and again weather conditions. While the water temperature is kept below the level of 15 degrees, the carp are happy splashing in the shallows and areas with a depth of 1 meter, but as soon as the water temperature will exceed 20 degrees, carp leaves the shallows and goes closer to the reed beds, and areas where depth does not exceed 2.5 meters. Quite often carp can be found under the steep Bank, but only if the plot will be deeper than 2 meters. In the summer especially on hot days carp almost inactive, but if the place is chosen correctly, the gear will be fine-tuned and well-chosen bait, there is a probability of catching big carp, even on a hot summer day. The chances of catching carp significantly increase towards the evening and at dawn. It was at this time the carp activity is the highest. Catch carp successfully the day, but only on the condition that we’d be a little rain, accompanied by thunderstorms. It is important to note that these weather conditions are the most promising in catching carp. Not biting carp observed in any day with complete calm.

To catch carp you can use with a float rod or feeder tackle to catch carp, you can use macusani (Donka). To fishing for carp was the most effective, it is recommended to use the bait that is thrown on the plot of catching at least a day before fishing. Bait can be prepared that are sold in specialty stores or homemade.

As bait you can use absolutely anything. Choice of bait depends on weather conditions and depending what gear you plan to fish for carp. So, if fishing will be feeder tackle used boilies, float fishing rod as bait is perfect corn, canned peas, potatoes, bread, worm, maggot. When catching a ground rod is used as bait, cake sawed slices, the size of a matchbox. It is important to note that this lure is now offered in many fishing stores.

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