How to catch carp and crucian carp «pear»

Due to the large number of leads, the fishermen dubbed the gear «combine». And yet it is called «pear,» as in packaged form it is visually reminiscent of the fruit — as its form and sometimes color if Packed full of pea porridge.

«Pear» is one of the options of the equipment donkey, effective fishing for big carp, carp. The advantages of this tackle — it is easy to personally produce from any finished spring, recoiling from wire or purchase. It is compact, has a small bait consumption and convenient for throwing. A conical spring is needed to hold the bait, its dimensions are small — about 4-5 cm in length, diameter of widest part is 2-3 cm Leashes (five) can be made of nylon thread or wicker, it is better not hard. Leashes to make it easier, over the spring located in the tube-sleeve with a hole for laying leashes in hand. Throwing the bait is equipped with a «pear» using spinning, but you can bring on the boat in the far distance — depending on conditions of catching. To make such a snap heavier for casting from the shore before you tie the spring to the main line you need to «hang» the weight.

How to prepare the bait

Recipes baits for stuffing pears a lot. The main thing — to prepare a kind of plastic, but still efficient mass. The basis for its preparation may be different: bran, bread, cake, semolina, pea porridge etc.. the Main requirement is the attraction to fish, the property some time to stand on the spring (not soaked and not washed out with water, so that small fish could not quickly overeat) and viscosity required for the formation and to «pear» is not shattered on impact with the water surface at the time of casting a long distance from the shore.

One of the recipes:

take a loaf of bread, a few medium potatoes (boiled in their skins), corn gruel, vegetable oil. Potatoes along with sliced bread to scroll through a meat grinder, add cooled corn gruel (about 2 handfuls), stir again and skip the mixture through a meat grinder to obtain a homogeneous mass. Add 1-2 tablespoons of oil and mix well. The bait is ready, if it is well molded (like clay) and does not stick to hands. If sticky, add a little more oil.

How to equip the «pear»

Take a small piece of bait, depending on the size of the spring. Fingers tightly press the spring, leaving leashes outside. Form (i.e. shape) on the bottom of the pears, distributing evenly in a circle in accordance with the number of leads tubercles-bumps. One bottom, the other on the sides. Every one of them needs to be such that you could safely hide inside such a cusp hook. Forming a «pear» inserted into the lump hooks so that the fore-end was located towards the spring and shackle and sting in the «top» of the mound. Then carefully close up the hooks in tubercles, securely tucked them in and get the tackle. If «pear» shaped with five leashes, such shape of the lure gives it a chance anyway «to go» to the bottom so that the three cusps will be ready for the approach of fish.



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