How to catch burbot?

Burbot belongs to that rare category of fish, the characteristics and habits of which are known only in General terms and not fully understood. Burbot belongs to treskova and is the only fish of this family, which can be found in lakes and ponds of our country. And in many cases even after several seasons of watching the reservoir and it remains unclear where exactly the burbot is during the year. Attempts deliberately to catch burbot in the autumn or spring period often remain barren.

Therefore, most of the examples of catching this fish belongs to the winter. In the cold season goes burbot to spawn, where it is usually impossible to catch. But even under these conditions fishing for burbot remains quite difficult, as it is nocturnal, which greatly complicates the life of fishermen. Taking into account all terms (winter, night), not every fisherman wants to do is fish, so the fish is considered to be quite rare, though, and tasty.

In the rivers the fishing is almost impossible since they comes only burbot during the spawning period, so are lakes, reservoirs and attempts to catch it on the big depths where the burbot hiding for almost the entire active period. A little easier to catch the knowledge of the specific food characteristics of this fish, which still managed to study: young individuals cost are mostly benthic animals, there are various non-floating invertebrates. When the burbot are growing up, it switches to the power on small fish and salmon caviar, if he lives close to the burbot.

Also thanks to the knowledge of at least some part of the habits and passions of burbot, managed to pick up the bait that is most effective is a regular earthworms and minnows. On some of them the fish will definitely bite. Another option is the combination of the worm and the pieces of fish, or even just a piece of fish meat. But as the experience of the majority of anglers, most burbot caught it on a worm, so it is the bait you need to try first.

But the worm, though, and is a favorite food of burbot, gives the result not in all cases. This is largely dependent on the time of year – in winter, burbot is in motion, so live bait is a better option than the worm, as a small and agile fish is a major food source for burbot in vivo. Also at this time of the year there were cases when the worm did not give any result, but the piece of fish meat on the contrary, ensured the success of catching burbot.

In other periods of burbot must be sought in the deepest parts of the lake or pond. To catch burbot, hid in the depths – employment difficult and one option is trolling, or fish from the silicone. The depth of the fish can reach up to 30 meters or more depending on the characteristics of the reservoir. The lure must be equipped with bulbs that were given in the dark light. Will also be a good idea to make the bait has a strong smell, as burbot very acute sense of smell, so he is a great hunter. Glowing bait with a strong and delicious scent for him burbot should notice is necessary.

If the lure used is a fish, experienced fishermen there is disagreement: some say that the best option is a roach, and others insist on pieces of marine fish. But in fact everything is determined by the reservoir and habits of the species in this burbot. Therefore, in different locations running different bait and lure. So for those who want to try their luck at catching burbot to stock up on all the options of both.

How to catch burbot

Burbot is one of the most amazing freshwater fish of our country. This fish represents a family of cod in the Russian waters. In the books about her little information and so many fishermen know very little about the burbot. It is associated with the fact that this specimen has a very peculiar habits, which are still not fully understood. (далее…)