How to catch burbot. Experienced advice

The dream of many anglers is to catch fish such as burbot. But first need to get to know about the lifestyle of the river people. Burbot – fish is quite peculiar. He sleeps when other fish are active in life. Burbot goes hunting at night. Most interesting is that in the summer it is quite apathetic, is such a «sleepy» state.

But winter, too active, are able to constantly hunt, not knowing fatigue. This fish is able to spawn in the most severe frosts. Accidentally catch burbot is virtually impossible.

Burbot is the only fish that belongs to the species of cod that lives in freshwater. Typical burbot is covered with small scales with body, small head. On the back are two fins, one of which is considerably lengthened. The caudal fin may be either round or pointed. Chin Minh has a mustache, jaws, located next to a simple sharp teeth. Fins, back, sides have color olive green. Swimmers abdomen and throat whitish slightly. In deep water you can catch burbot weighing up to 8 pounds.

Interesting fact: the most active biting of the burbot occurs is mostly in bad weather. But with clear moon, the bite is better not to wait. This fact was given by the classic fishing according to fishermen. The facts found confirmation later. Many anglers, sharing experiences, tell us that, indeed, when full, clear the month to catch burbot is simply impossible. This is despite the fact that just yesterday they were removed from gear to 8 fishes.

Although others claim that they managed to catch burbot lift like once a month. So we can say that this is a tricky question. In any case, everyone can try to go fishing in full moon and see for yourself that bite or no burbot under a full moon.

The most favorite habitats of Nalimov – deep water. In small rivers the fish can live only when their channel has a sufficiently deep pits. In the lake burbot prefer to go to the depths: 60 and even more meters from the surface. Another important factor for life burbot is pure water. In mountainous areas these fish are found in larger quantities in comparison with the plains.

Day burbot can hide under stones. Older fish prefer the deep, while more than young enough to stay near the shore and the water surface. This is one of the most dangerous predators for small fish and even for small burbot. In orchards with a lack of food burbot begin to eat each other. The strongest destroying all whom they could overpower.


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