How to catch bream on the ring

Catching bream on the ring — this method is very common and popular, especially on the Volga river. Catching bream on the ring is also very profitable method. If you catch the ring, I always leave with a catch. Or at least, if you do not catch big bream that at least five of the skimmers you will definitely be provided. To catch bream on the ring need a lot of equipment. For this you need a rubber boat, camping on to. it is less noisy, which is very important. Very necessary, to have two anchors, they must be very reliable, in order to keep the boat on course, which should be tied across the river to stretched on the anchor rope. Once you got across the river by boat, drop overboard trough. She’s fishing thing is also very important. Consider the most common type of feeders. Typically use a net bag of vegetables. The dimensions of the cell should be five by five millimeters, food is not washed at the beginning of fishing. At the bottom of the trough you put a heavy load ( piece of iron) to hold the feeder to the flow, approximately one kilogram. Next, put the bait. The main part of the bait to large particles — this can be barley, corn for flavor («semolina»). Tie to the bag is fastened with a knot thick fishing line to lower and raise the feeder with a load and a lure. Fishing line should be tied to the boat taut. After you anchored and cast the feeder over the side, which is downstream, it should be easy to prepare the tackle, don’t rush to the bait carried by the current. Looks like a fishing tackle for catching bream on the ring. Tackle this short length which is not more than 70 centimeters with any coil. A nod is also very important and needs to be tough enough without any reaction on the course. Generally, the rod is not required in this type of fishing, I personally in hand to hold the line. This vision is not strained and better sensitivity, the bite is impossible to miss, if not to sleep. The line need about 15 meters, this will be enough. On this line is the same ring from which the name of the gear «Ring». On view is a piece of lead bent into the form of a ring. The ends cut at a 45 degree bias and when the ring is collapsed the ends completing it. On the other from the junction of the side ring has a hole. It is passed the fishing line, which is catchy ring to it and tied another piece of twine linking leashes with hooks. You need the ring with the main line to wear through the junction on a thick fishing line from the trough and sank to the bottom. The ring stops when it reaches the trough. The main fishing line and hooks can go much further, to adjust the distance from the trough to the hooks.

And another very important detail, it is necessary to line the trough to put on a flat piece of lead into the hole in the middle with the diameter of the ring. It is necessary to make the ring not worn on the throat of the trough and are unable to get confused. After reading everything that has been outlined above seems to be clear. And where is the catch? Places will be described in another article. But a few basic tips I can give. It is very important that the fish you found yourself at the aft trail. We must know that the place of fishing should be at ten or fifteen feet above the intended places of a congestion of fish. This could be just bending the shore with a return flow, pit Steep clay banks don’t have to avoid attention. Scheme of fishing: nasazhivajut peas, worm, corn on the hooks(more than three hooks to put makes no sense), put the ring on the fishing line trough and slowly lowered until the ring reaches the trough, then it is necessary to let go another meter and wait for the bite. To revive the fish, it is necessary from time to time twitch the feeder.

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