How to catch bream in the winter

To catch bream with bream in the winter very difficult. For successful fishing it is necessary to explore the pond where you will be fishing. To be more precise, it is necessary to learn all about the elevation of the reservoir bottom. Without this knowledge to catch bream can only be accidental. But don’t count on the accident.

Before starting fishing, you need to find the bottom of the map, chat with local fishermen who will certainly tell you about the good pits, eyebrows. Often white bream and bream can be detected at the outputs of the deep pits.

The most successful fishing is at first ice. This is usually December and March. During gluhozime fishing is also possible, although it will not be effective. During gluhozime you need to apply more thin fishing line and lighter tackle.

So, first you need to know the depth, can help with that special tool. You can make yourself, for this you need a winter spinning with any coil. You must wind the reel of thin fishing line, and every meter to mark a large knot. But between major nodes need to tie one little knot. Thus it is possible to measure the depth, though with a small margin of error. By the end of the line you can attach the feeder to immediately throw in the point of fishing bait.

During the winter fishing without bait can not do, it is especially important for catching bream. Bait needed:

— Breadcrumbs;

— Millet;

— Roasted sunflower seeds;

— Peanuts;

— Minced cookies.

During gluhozime need to make the bait less calories. But be sure to do the bait fragrant. Also during this period you need to feed the fish not so intense.

Definitely need to soak the groundbait with water from the pond and add the required small portions.

Normally bream are caught with a nod. But the jig should be easy, since a rough tackle will catch more difficult.

As soon as the Parking lot of bream are found, it must be fed. To zakarievich need immediately to all wells. Need to drill small and large holes.

Usually the fishermen make several lines of holes and prokormil one go to lure another. Fishermen often if you find fish, stay and continue to catch on this hole, thereby scaring the fish and destroying the hole. It is best to catch a few pieces and go to sh in other holes.

Of course, to catch a big bream, you need experience and much more knowledge, but experience comes with time, so you have to start small.

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