How to catch big pike

Big pike sooner or later wants to catch any fisherman spinning, but every year the big pike occurs less and less. For novice anglers and does capture a major trophy is an insurmountable problem.

The most important ruleto remember is that the pike are constant, which means that if you caught a pike in some place, the place where she lived, sure soon will appear new. Therefore, when spinning on the same pond, you should try to remember where you caught a pike and constantly try to return to them. This task is not as simple as it seems at first glance, because of the many places where you caught a pike you need to choose special places to bite big fish.

Second rule: if you decided to go catch big pike, you have to be patient and not niggle. On small bait to catch big pike, almost unreal, as large fish need more food and for a change it will not be to chase. Fishermen rarely choose a larger bait, as a rule, the opposite is true. Because the pike can swallow a fish about fifteen percent of its own weight, so don’t be afraid to pick up a big bait.

Third rule: to catch large fish far from the coast at a decent depth. The most effective fishing is in the fall because the pike during this period is surprisingly active.

The path to great copy is not easy, so have patience, because the luck can be for several months, and who will overcome difficulties and he will be rewarded. Remember that metre pike can in one attack to get about a kilogram of forage fish, and depending on the time of year to quietly digest food for a few days until the next activity. This means that the more you try to catch a big pike, the more chances to get in the period of its greatest activity.

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